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business model project

No description

Hannah Payne

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of business model project

Founders: James D. Sinegal and
Jeffery H. Brotman
Products: Fresh produce
Baked goods
Computer software
Home appliances and electronics
Solar panels
Fine Wine
Hot tubs
Services: tire garages, pharmacies, hearing aid centers, optometrists, photo processors and gas stations. They may operate a liquor store (sometimes only if it is kept separate from the main warehouse ). All warehouses have food courts.

Kirkland Signature is their store brand.
1976- first Price Club founded in San Diego – an airplane hangar was converted into the warehouse (still in operation today)
1980- Price Club offers public stock
1983- first Costco warehouse opened in Seattle
1985- Costco offers public stock; first hot dog carts open (hot dog and soda for $1.50)
1993- Costco and Price Club merged; name became PriceCostco
1995- Kirkland Signature is introduced
1998- Costco.com brings Costco prices and services to the internet
1999- Company changed its name to Costco Wholesale
Marketing Techniques
Have to pay fee to walk in door ($55 annual fee)

Saving money while getting you to spend more

More and bigger is better

Kirkland Signature

They carry quality, brand name merchandise at much lower prices than conventional wholesales (like Kings or Safeway)

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Advertise: none

Sell to: small to medium sized businesses, individual shoppers

Competitor: Sam’s Club
Current Status:
608 warehouses worldwide
Fifth largest retailer in the US
Largest membership warehouse club in the US
3 million shoppers every day

2011 revenue: $88.9 billion
Stock: $100.51
has great customer service, 100% guaranteed products, many employment options, and awesome benefits for their employees

My opinion...
Many customers complain about the long lines and the busyness of the store

My opinion...
Steve Ells

Products: burritos
burrito bowls

1993- first Chipotle founded in Denver, Colorado
2000- started serving naturally raised pork
2002- started serving naturally raised chicken
2004- started using zero trans-fat frying oil
2006- went public on New York stock exchange
2007- stopping using cheese and sour cream with rBGH; over 60% of beef served is naturally raised (currently is 100%)
2009- Steve Ells testifies before congress to try to eliminate the use of antibiotics in ranching
2010- 40% of black beans served is certified organic… local food initiative takes off!
Marketing Techniques:
“It’s not [cheap]. Chipotle has higher food costs than our competitors... But we have a business model that allows us to invest in higher quality food. And it’s great because this higher quality food tastes better which brings people back and it forms a deep bond with the customer.” –Steve Ells (on Nightline)

“Marketing with Integrity”

Advertise: commercial (food with integrity); does not employ an advertising agency
Sell to: everyone
Competitor: Qdoba Mexican Grill
Current Status:
over 1,200 company-owned restaurants in 43 states
serves almost 800,000 people a day

2011 Revenue: $2.27 billion
Stock: $316
Chipotle attracts people because they offer healthy food and quick service. As more Chipotles are being created, more jobs are offered.
My opinion...
Because the employees put the food together right in front of you, the portions are not always the same size.
My opinion...
Chief Executive Officer – Kevin L. Kelly
Many more people on management team
LGS Innovations provides network research, products, and services to the U.S. Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and advanced program communities that help them address their communications challenges and meet their mission requirements. LGS provides tactical, fixed and deployable wireless, high speed networking, video communications, and green networking solutions for the United States Federal Government operations around the world. It operates as a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, which includes Bell Labs, one of the world’s most top centers of research and innovation in communications technology.

CDMA / GSM / UMTS Cellular Base Stations for wireless voice communications
LTE – 4G wideband data
2007- Alcatel and Lucent merged, creating LGS
Marketing Techniques:
When Alcatel, a French company, and Lucent merged, the customer base expanded and it allowed them to share products. They can connect to more people because they are international.

“We want to allow the mobile user to benefit from more high-bandwidth network capabilities in a more reliable way that is also cost effective for the government.”
- Kevin Kelly

Advertise: none
Sells to: US Federal Government
Competitor: not available
Current Status:
about 20 LGS locations

2011 revenue: $19.7 billion (Alcatel-Lucent)
Stock: $1.05 (Alcatel-Lucent)
LGS is a successful business that has been faithful to the US Federal Government and has created a trust with them so they can continue to use LGS services and products.
My opinion...
LGS could receive more business if they didn’t just sell to the government. Although they gain a lot of money through the government, I think the company could thrive even more if it expanded its customer base. Just yesterday, they laid-off 20/250 employees at my dad’s office.
My opinion...
Founder :William Rosenberg
52 varieties of donuts
More than a dozen coffee beverages
Breakfast sandwiches
Other baked goods
1950- first Dunkin’ Donuts (“Open Kettle”) founded in Quincy, Massachusetts
1955- Rosenberg licensed the first of many franchises
1963- 100th Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant opens
1978- introduces freshly baked muffins; first network TV commercials are aired
1996-introduces freshly-baked bagels
2000- opens its 5,000th restaurant worldwide in Bali, Indonesian
2002- launches an espresso revolution with a new line of espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos
2006- launches smoothies; announces partnerships with Hess Corporation and Sara Lee Corporation
2008- launches its all-day Oven-Toasted menu, featuring flatbread sandwiches, personal pizzas and hash browns; breaks ground in St. Petersburg, Fla. For its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified restaurant; partners with Yahoo! Inc. to create two new videos, as well as a web site; 500th Korean restaurant opens
Marketing Techniques:
Advertise: commercials, promotions, website, and sponsorship Sell to: everyone (maybe not so much the healthy) Competitor: Krispy Kreme, Caribou Coffee, Starbucks
Current Status:
10,083 Dunkin’ Donuts stores worldwide
The world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain
Serve more than 3 million customer per day
Sell more than 1.5 billion cups of hot and iced coffee globally every year

2011 Revenue: 6.4 billion
Stock: $28.99

Dunkin’ Donuts has been around for over 60 years even with the competition of Krispy Kreme.

My opinion...

Donuts are not healthy, and in order to gain more business in this new generation of wannabe healthy people, they could produce something not as fatty.

My opinion...
Founder: Paul Turley
Vegan to meat and potatoesBreakfast all dayMexican menuExpanding gluten free selection
1977- Turley family opened a Good Earth franchise in Boulder… later became their own business and changed name to The Harvest
1995- Turley’s restaurant created
2003- Moved from Folsom Street to 28th and Pearl into an old TGI Friday restaurant building
Marketing Techniques:

Advertise: newspaper, sponsor races (Turley’s Turkey Trot), coupons, Facebook
Sell to: those who want to live a healthy style, Boulder peeps
Competitors: Lucile’s, Snooze, Walnut Café, Le Peep, The Egg and I
Current Status:
Has about 70 employees and 3 managers

2011 revenue: $3.4 million
Turley’s has been around for a while, and they continue to adapt to people’s desires by creating gluten-free and organic food.
My opinion...
I have heard rumors that the staff is unfriendly, which may be due to the fact that they are very stressed out from the number of customers at times. Food does not always come out promptly and the waiters do not check up on customers enough at times.
My opinion...
Works Cited:
http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=83830&p=irol-homeprofile http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000083053
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costco#Location http://www.costco.com/membership-information.html
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