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Revision for Mest 3

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Revision for Mest 3

Revision for Mest 3
Examples of fake news texts
Fake news debate questions
Does the media have an obligation to be truthful?
Fake news
Fake news websites intentionally publish fraudulent, hoax or factually inaccurate news stories. They will also plagiarise legitimate news stories from other sites, but change the headlines to something more sensationalist in order to draw in readers. Fake news is often shared on social media.

You also often get fake news articles at the bottom of blog posts. Click bait.
Examples of post 9/11 moral panics
Moral Panics (Stanley Cohen)
Stanley Cohen 1972

"A condition, episode, person, or groups of persons that emerged to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests"

Moral Panics begin when there a projection of fears that surround a particular group or thing. The media heavily influences and fuels those panics via films, TV, the news, radio and other media means. The media use Stereotypes (Tessa Perkins) and assumes the worst in relation to panic an makes the consumer worry.
Link to NDM (disadvantage of NDM)
Some people believe we live in a "post truth" era.
(1) Isolated incident made out to be a threat
(2) Disproportionate reaction from media
(3) Results in social change

Public views a threat as more dangerous and/or imminent than it is in actuality
Link to echo chambers
Post 9/11, there has been a moral panic in the media about immigrants (and in particular muslims).

The "war on terror" was an understandable response to 9/11 but has also lead to immigrants being treated with suspicion and criminalisation
Effect of moral panic - US Patriots act 2001
Links to identities
Wider context question
Does it benefit media institutions to exploit moral panics?
Political context
Queer Theory
When you apply queer theory or a queer perspective to a text, you examine and focus in on how gender and sexuality is presented.
When applying queer theory to this text.....
Considering this text from a queer perspective, you could say.....
Queer theory: Judith Butler and gender
Queer theory examines gender too. How are traditional gender roles shown? Are gender stereotypes challenged?
Judith Butler wrote "Gender Trouble"
She says that gender is a construct. It is invented by society and the clothes etc that we associate with being male/female is a performance.
Applying a queer perspective to this text, you could say........
Advertising techniques
Shock tactics
Experiential positioning
Functional positioning
Emotional transfer
Exclusive appeal
Synthetic personalisation
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