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Worst Moment in Movement

At age 19, I attempted to ski for the first time, with no lessons, no progressions and not willing to listen to tips.

michael robertson

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Worst Moment in Movement

Regardless of athletic ability, everyone will experience a new skill that challenges them. Progressions are key. Teach to ensure students can succeed. Encourage positive feedback. There is nothing worse than failing over and over again, and never hearing anything that you did well. Failing at skiing was a blow to my self confidence. My job as a physical educator is to ensure that all students are moving in a positive direction through proper instruction. How did failing make me feel as an athlete? Embarassed. A word which should never be present in a physical education setting. All in all, every single student, athlete or not, will eventually fail at a certain skill. But I will be there to encourage, build them up, and work with them through the use of positive feedback.
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