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By Kajshia Anyaha Quanay

bruce goodwin

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of homelesssnesss

Benjamin E. Mays IB world school
Exhibition 2015
By: Quanay Kajshia Anyaha
Central Idea
Throughout history people have (rallied) around common causes.
Lines Of Inquiry
Common global rally theme
Issues that cause people to rally
Rallies that have changed the world
Why is it like it is?
How is it changed
How is it changing?
What are the point of view?
The community has a
responsibility to care for homeless people so they wont he so poor or sad.Homeless woman are being beat up and getting rape by an unknown men.In increased homelessness among elderly is an large result of poverty and also declining availability of an affordable housing among an certain segments of the aging.

What is our responsibility to help end homelessness?
In 1979, new york lawyer,brought a class action suit before the courts arguing for a person's state constitutional right to shelter. it was settled as a consent decree in august 1981. the city and state agreed to provide board and shelter to all homeless men by 1983 this right was extend to homeless woman.
How do we know ?
In over 4,000 people were homeless in a state called Connecticut on a single night in Jan.2013 according on a point-in-time survey to conducted by the ct coalition to end homelessness.
What Is It Like?
How Does It Work?

with five-hundred people across MN for housing day on the plus hundred dollar MO from flip. One out of 50 children or 1.5 million children in America will be homeless each year.
Should The Government Fund Housing For The Homeless?

should the government fund home for homeless
60 say yes
40 say no
For trying to find work and also be the homeless that the biggest problem is that it wont rind a shelter of to salt
60 people say yes
40 people say no
How is it connected to other things?
The 8 Key concepts
: What is it like?
: How does it work?
:why is it like it
: How is it changing?
:How is it connected to other things?
: What are the point of veiws?
: How do we know?
: What is our responsibility?
Quanay: It was hard to keep my group to concentrate to work on the prezi because they was playing and fooling around.one person in my group do the play around thing in other groups.
Kajshia: I learn that it was tough to get the prezi done, and was tough to get concentrated when you try to not to get distracted easily. it was probably a little hard to get some of my groups together.
Anyaha: It was hard, my team was pushing me trough the prezi, but i made it through it,our prezi turned out good and it was fun and i think my group was doing well too.
Taking Action
We need to find home for homeless
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