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Anne Frank Compare and Contrast The Play and Book

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Mikaela Wilkins

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Anne Frank Compare and Contrast The Play and Book

Comparing and Contrasting "Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl" (the book) and "The Diary of Anne Frank" (the play) Comparing and contrasting pages 170-180 of the book with the play By Mikaela Wilkins Page 170 (book)-
Anne is in the middle of an entry in 1944 about how much she, her character and actions, and other things around her have changed since 1942. Anne sees how much she has grown. Play-
Anne doesn't like being treated like a baby, which is exactly what she gets sometimes. Anne is also worried about showing another side of herself to others, a nicer side. Page 171 (book)-
Anne likes to remember that there is still good to everything around her, that thinking about the remaining beauty in the world is much more satisfying than thinking about the misery. Play-
Anne tells that she believes that, putting everything else beside, people are still "really good at heart." Page 171 (book)-
Anne doesn't want to upset Peter Van Daan by talking to him too much. Peter used to think Anne was unbearable. Anne loves talking with Peter. Play-
Peter thinks Anne has changed from noisy to much quieter and has grown quite fond of her. Peter is able to compliment Anne. Page 173 (book)-
Food is scarce in the annexe. Anne must use a good-smelling handkerchief to eliminate the smell of the terrible scents of some foods being made to eat. Play-
Potatoes are being divided in the annexe. Food needs to be shared equally as there is not much of it. Page 174 (book)-
Anne tells the current viewings of her mother, father, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel on what they think about the situation that they are in now. Mrs. Van Daan tells of her being the "queen of the kitchen" and believes war has gone through little progress. Smoking makes things seem less worse for Mr. Van Daan. Mrs. Frank is so hungry and says the war is progressing. Mr. Frank is optimistic about the politics going on and just wants to take it easy. Finally, Mr. Dussel is in agreement with Mr. Frank and is anal about what he needs to get finished. Play-
Mr. Van Daan loves his cigarettes. Everyone has their own feelings and different traits to make up all different types of people in the annexe. Page 177 (book)-
Anne longs to talk about Peter and wants to open up to him about her thoughts. Play-
When Anne gets the chance to talk to Peter, she is so happy and loves to have conversations with him. Page 179 (book)-
Anne wants to know what some of Peter's plans are, like practicing shorthand, so that she can talk to him as often as possible. Play-
Anne gets frustrated with what the adults say about her and Peter talking so much in his room. It's hard for her not to let it bother her. Play-
Anne can't talk much with her mother and believes her mother doesn't understand her. She can talk to her father more, but it's still difficult. Page 180 (book)-
Anne tells Peter that she doesn't confide much in her parents, and Peter feels the same way. Pages 170-180 from the Anne Frank book have just been compared and contrasted with the Anne Frank play for you. Thank you for watching. FIN onlineseats.com freebooksread.blogspot.com
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