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United Way Campaign

No description

Sherry White

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of United Way Campaign

2016-2017 Campaign

Let's hear from Priah....
Funded Partners

SDIRC allows for designations to be made directly to any of these funded partners.

United Way is aligned with community partners working toward our goals in education, financial stability, and health.

Think about this...

Average gift is $85.00 per year - that's only $3.54 a paycheck. That's only ONE Starbucks coffee every TWO weeks!

If everyone who currently gives gave just $2.00 more a pay period ....plus everyone who doesn't give would make a contribution of $2.00 per pay period - the district campaign would TRIPLE! $$$$

Remember - we raised $54,000 last year.

Think about the good we can do for OUR community!

United Way

$.84 of every dollar goes directly to programs & services.
Money raised here - STAYS here!
This money helps friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and the kids we serve EVERY day.
2nd largest campaign outside of Publix

We raised $54,000 last year!
Education is a Priority!
United Way is focused on:

Early learning and development so that children entering kindergarten are ready to succeed.

Children performing on grade level and staying on track for high school readiness.

Students graduating on time and being prepared for college and the work force.

The school who returns the most pledge cards TODAY (the day of the presentation) will win a WAFFLE BREAKFAST!

The school who has the highest increase in participation (not $$$, people) will also win a WAFFLE BREAKFAST!
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