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Sabrina Neve

No description

Sabrina Neve

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Sabrina Neve

Sabrina Neve
Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Educational details
After graduating from high school, Jennifer Lopez enrolled at Baruch College in Manhattan and also worked in a legal office to pay for her dance classes. Her college life only lasted one term before she dropped out to concentrate on her career dream and she began auditioning for dance roles.
Twins: Maximilian and Emme
Jennifer has been married three times: Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony. She was also engaged to Ben Aflack

Childhood Information
She has two sisters; Leslie Lopez and Lynda Lopez
Mom: Guadalupe Rodriguez
Dad: David Lopez
Her father is a computer specialist and her mother is a kindergarten teacher.
At age five, Jennifer began taking singing and dancing lessons.
At school, Jennifer was very athletic and participated in track, field, and tennis
Early business life
Jennifer moved to Manhattan to learn how to dance and would sleep in the studio where she was practicing.
Jennifer Lopez gained her first regular high-profile job as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color in 1991.
She received her first leading role in the Selena biopic of the same name in 1997
Nuyorican Productions, Inc. is an American production company founded by Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina
Teeology, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based electronic commerce co-founded by American entertainer Jennifer Lopez and fashion designer Erica Zohar.
J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez is an American lifestyle brand founded by Jennifer Lopez in 2001. The line became a large success in the United States and international markets. The line appealed to Latin people and fans of Lopez.
July 24, 1969
Bronx NY
Jennifer has many awards for various things however she has never received an award for her companies.
Net worth
300 million
Jennifer lopez is currently working on her new clothing line and trying to make a perfume collection as well.
She worked as a judge for American Idol
Shes considered the most popular person
She's a Leo
She does not drink or smoke
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