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Neonatal Nurse

No description

Angeline Valentin

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal Nurse
Angeline Valentin Montalvo
English Class


"When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours." ~Author Unknown

Neonatal Nurse
Job Description:

Neonatal nurses work in one of three levels.

Level I neonatal nurses work with the healthy babies in the newborn nursery.

Level II refers to intermediate care, also known as a special care nursery. Neonatal nurses may supplement babies with oxygen, IVs, specialized feedings or extended hospital stays to ensure a baby is mature enough to survive.

Neonatal Nurse
Job Description:

Level III neonatal nurses work in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where vulnerable babies are kept for monitoring. The NICU nurses must closely monitor each baby for any sign of complication.

In addition to caring for babies, a neonatal nurse is responsible for reporting any changes or developments to the parents and answering question that arise.

Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

Reporting and Record Keeping Skills

A neonatal nurse must have excellent reporting and record keeping skills. Since newborns are so fragile, it is imperative that hospitals have accurate records about the patients' needs, symptoms and reactions, as well as results from treatments and tests.

Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

A Compassionate Nature

Neonatal nurses must be compassionate and have a desire to help others. They must be caring and understanding when it comes to dealing with patients and family members. The sensitive nature of newborn children requires a tender touch and neonatal nurses must provide this type of support in addition to providing primary care.
Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

Emotional Stability

A neonatal nurse must be able to think quickly in emergency situations and keep emotions under control to provide quick and effective treatment and care. Unfortunately, there are cases of patient death and a neonatal nurse must be able to deal with the death of the newborn and provide support and comfort to the family members of the child while keeping a professional demeanor.
Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

Communication Skills

A neonatal nurse must be able to communicate with the family members of the patient to provide emotional support and adequate information concerning the patient's health. Communication skills are also important in the work environment when dealing with doctors and other hospital staff, to report what the patient needs and to quickly relay and understand necessary information that is important to the patient's health. Communication plays an integral part in emergency situations where time is of the essence and orders must be given and taken in a timely manner.
Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

Leadership Skills

Hospitals may require that neonatal nurse candidates show outstanding leadership skills. The reason for this is that a neonatal nurse may be forced into situations where he or she must make quick decisions and take control. A neonatal nurse must be able to work independently and effectively manage other hospital staff to perform necessary duties.
Neonatal Nurse
Neonatal Nurse
Necessary Skills:

A neonatal nurse must be able to perform treatments of drug therapy, dietary treatments, ventilation, incubation and oxygen treatments. A neonatal nurse must be able to provide emergency life saving techniques in the ICU and must be able to monitor and treat healthy newborns as well.
Experience and Education:

A neonatal nurse must have a bachelor's degree in nursing, be a registered nurse, complete required certification exams and be able to care for newborns and operate ICU hospital equipment.
Neonatal Nurse
Opportunities for Advancement:

With some experience behind them, NICU staff nurses may become charge nurses or supervisors. With additional education they may move on to specialty nursing roles within the NICU such as discharge planners or advanced practice nursing careers.

APRNs may choose to subspecialize in a particular type of neonatal care such as cardiology, respiratory illnesses or prematurity. They may take their NICU experience with them and go into education, research, consulting or healthcare administration.
Neonatal Nurse
Work Environment:

NICU Units located at:
Community Hospitals
Large Medical Centers and General-Care Children’s Hospitals
House infants who need the most high-tech and sophisticated care
Neonatal Nurse

The increased demand for advanced nurses means that neonatal nurse practitioner salaries are high, especially for experienced practitioners who work in private practice settings. A less experienced neonatal nurse practitioner salary starts at $55,000 per year and can quickly increase as the practitioner gains more experience. Neonatal nurse practitioners can earn as much as $120,000 per year or more, depending on the geographic location where they work and the additional certifications they hold.This salary in particular is on the United States.
Neonatal Nurse
Academic or vocational schools that will prepare me for my career:

Nursing Schools
Neonatal Nurse
What i learned from the interview about the neonatal nursing career:

I learned that to be a Neonatal Nurse you need to study a lot, have moral values, be a caring person, have empathy toward others. You must have many positive skills. It's an inspiring, and wonderful career. It will be an honor to work as a Neonatal Nurse.
Jobs that i can do while in High School and college:

Work in a daycare.
help others with their babies.
Do voluntary work at a children's hospital.
Children Daycare Center.
Neonatal Nurse
Thanks for your attention!

Interview to a Neonatal Nurse:
1)How long have you been a NICU nurse?
Eight years.
2) Did you do anything before NICU, or went straight into it from school?
After graduation, I got a job in the NICU.
3)What kind of special training do you need to be a NICU nurse?
CPR and NRP (Neonatal Resucitation Program) are required.
4) What is the best part of the job?
I love working with the neonates. I love the sense of fulfillment when you see the progress the babies make along the course of their illness and the appreciation the family gives you for doing a job well done.
5)What type of education do you have?
I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing R.N
I've learned that to be a Neonatal Nurse requires a lot of patience,studying,practice and most of all, love, empathy and respect for the human life.
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