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Wedding Portfolio

A final assignment for the Wedding as Experience course

Anita Mikkulaynen

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Wedding Portfolio

Wedding planning timeline
11 Month Before the Wedding
- Create a draft of the guest lift
- Check who needs to be invited in advance due to the visa issues
- Check the visa regulations for the guests and possible short cuts
- Investigate the legal aspects of getting merried both in Finland and Russia
- Visit the possible venues (hotels outside the city; while the weather is alike to the actual event date)
- Check the second option for the wedding celebration ( a small escape wedding to Porto Santo island) and compare the approx budget
9 Month before the Wedding
- Work on the design of the invitations (to go in hand with the theme)
- Start researching vendors options
- Start serching for the dress
- Discuss the budget and figure out the inflow streams (who are the sponsors?)
- Adjust the guest list accordingly
- Identify the wedding date options
- Make the final guest list ready in an electronic format (including columns for the confirmation, visa processing times and accomodation requirnments)
8 Month Before the Wedding
- Reserve the date for the registration at the local regestry office
- Send out the invitations to the guests from aboroad
- Deside on the bridesmate of houor (the person who will help with oganinzing)
- Make a draft of the list of tasks and the contact list

6 Month Before Wedding
- Reserve the venue for the dinner and cocktail
- Start working on the menu
- Recisve the confirmations from the guests abroad and start the visa process
- Making agreements with vendors
- Planning the honeymoon

5 Month Before the Wedding
- Invitations to the rest of the guests
- Order desging elements from on-line shops (cheaper to order from China)
- Update the task list, contact list and guest list
- Start working on the script of the day
- Reserve transportation for the guests from abroad when needed
3 Month Before the Wedding
- Update the menu according the the discovered allergies
- Order the raw materials for the dinner
- Hire the catering stuff
- Check to be within the budget
- Work on the seating plan
- Name tags, other table decorations elemeents
- Update the script of the day and work on all the small details
1 Month Before the Wedding
- Review all the contracts
- Make sure all the payments are done
- Confirm transportation on the day of the event
- Confirm the honeymoon details
- Check the plan B
- Possible to invite more guests for the registration and cocktail if still within the budget
- Check all the details with vendors and catering
- Prepare the wedding day resque kit :)
Wedding as Experience
Final assignment: Portfolio
Anita Mikkulaynen
7 June 2015
Introduction of the theme
Planning process
Essential Tools
Outdoor Tent Wedding
The event is planned to be held in Russia, in the home-town of the bride to be. The desired time for celebration is summer, therefore an outdoor wedding is an obvious choice. The region of Karelia is famous for its picturesque scenery and tranquil nature.
At first an idea of having a celebration in a hotel located outside of the city appeared. This type of hotels normally has a number of wooden houses to accommodate guests as well as restaurant facilities and reception in the main building.
This seems to be a perfect location as it would solve a need to accommodate guests who will come from other cities or from abroad. Having a hotel as a partner also provides all the necessary facilities such as: toilets, running water access, electricity, and kitchen facilities.
Then taking a step further and searching for inspiration for this course assignment the planner came across a wedding in a tent theme.
It was an instant match of the mood, character, values and location. It lets the banquet to be held outdoors, nonetheless protects from the possible weather changes. It unites all the guests in a common space yet keeps the air floating and lets the celebration be in constant contact with the nature.
A romantic mood can be created under a tent by the way textiles are draped, light accents are placed, flower compositions are used. All this details resonate with the artistic and elegant character of the future bride and therefore creates a possibility for a fruitful creative process.
Mood board
Main elements of the theme:
Vintage, Classic elegance
Pastel colors VS Dark wood
Flowers: hydrangeas and peonies

Milestones of the Day
Civil ceremony in the local registry office
Walk on the lake front
Cocktail in the lobby of
the Onego Palace Hotel
Transportation to the Dinner Venue
Meeting of the Wedding Couple
and taking pictures around the venue
Dinner Celebration Begins
Cutting the cake
Sunset photo shoot & Boat ride
Newlyweds depart to the hotel
Milestones of the Day
July 2016
July 2015
September 2015
Decembrer 2015
March 2016
This timeline is created taking into account the following special features of this particular wedding:
60-65 guets
At least 20 of them come from outside of Russia
Groom wants to take care of the menu planning and preporations of the food
Aiming to minimize costs
Bride will be in charge of the planning process
Assistants should be invited/hired to minimaze
the work load and stress
The End
After the Wedding
- Send out "Thank you" cards
- Work together with the video operators and photographers to insure the quality of the end product
- Publish and send out pictures
- Finilize the budget and make final payments
Following tools will be essential elements for plnning and executing the Wedding:

Mood Board
Gantt table in excell
Guests list
Tasks + Contacts List
Script of the Day

Punch station
First Dance
Seated dinner
Menu created by the Groom
Food & Wine paring
Represents the Newlyweds passion for Resaurants
Guests speak Russian, English and Finnish. Therefore a smooth way of communication throughout the event should be established
Learning a few words of a new language
Get to know traditions of a new culture
The overall experience will be created by carefully following the selected theme and main elements.
Attention to details and customizerd & hand-made items will add to the exlusive feeling of the moment
A language barrier issue
An important element of the event if the story of the Newlywed couple. This day is created for them to share there love story with family and friends. The story should be alike a silk thread that goes throughout all the flow of the event.
Story board with pictures
Internet presence
An own wedding even web-page will be created using the wordpress.com service.
This web page will help to introduce the theme to the gusets and form their expectations.
As a planning and implementation process is an experience on it's own the bride and groom will be able to share highlights of this once in a lifetime experience.
All the important updated and information can be easily and promptly communicated through the web-page
Also after the event the best moments captured in time can be shared using the web-page.

As for the larger load of pictures and videos - a shared dropbox folder will be created. Guests can also be coloborators and upload own creative pieces.
An events Facebook page will be created in order to keep the updates on the brand.com shared timely.
Also a tool for guests to get to know each other prior to the event hence be more comfortable on the spot and feel surrounded by friends.
Also a channel for communication that will cut costs on international phone calls.
The present portfolio was as a great exercise to summurise the material learned during the Wedding as Experience course. A free format of the assignment let the creativity flow and therefore boost a greater outcome.
The present project is a combination of the author's plans for the own wedding as well as certain proportion of dreaming. Nontheless the bride to be finds the present summary a helpful tool in preparaions for the Big day.

Thank you for exploring this portfolio. Hope it was a pleasent jorney!
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