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GSD Presentation

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IT Geeks

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of GSD Presentation

IT Service Desk
Basic and Advanced PC Support
Software installation
Virus/Malware Cleanups
Free Popcorn!
All students are given a 1GB W: drive space

This space includes the student web space on studentweb.eku.edu. If you are interested on putting a portfolio onto your space, just ask us!

This space is available on and off campus.
Tech Commons
Lounge Area
What do We do?
Internet Connections
Student Email
Sending an Email
Who are the EKU Geeks?
We are the student face of IT!
We are EKU Students!
We have fun!
We are FREE to all students!
We will help you with technology in any way we can!
All students can connect to eku_secure. We can help you get connected on your computer, game console, and mobile devices!
Free Software
All EKU students receive a FREE copy of anti-virus as well as Office365! We can help with the installations of those products
Print from Anywhere
We offer students Cloud Printing technology that allows you to print from anywhere on campus to our Cloud Locations.
Virus and Malware Removal
If you are experiencing problems with viruses or malware, you can birng your computer to Combs 208.
Computer and Electronics Checkout
We offer laptops, cameras, iPads, and projectors for one week checkouts in the library location
Rather then dumping your unwanted items in the trash, recycle them responsibly with us!
Support and Training
Each of our locations will help you with your network connections installations of free software, cloud printing, and more!
Powell 13
You are here
Game Checkouts - Wii | PS3 | xBox360
Hulu | EKU Cable
Music Playing
Game Cave
6 Gaming PC's
Sofa and TV with Console hookup
Table for table-top games
PC/Mac computer lab
Emerging Tech. Classroom
Printers | Cloud Printer
Teamwork Stations
Crabbe Library Atruim | 207
PC/Mac computer lab
207D | Smart Classroom
Printers | Cloud Printer
Free Popcorn!
Teamwork Stations
Equipment Checkout
Laptops | Mac and Windows
Camera, Camcorders, and MICs
iPad's and iPad minis
Projectors and Screens
All cables needed for equipment
Combs 208
W: drive
Don't forget to change the default Password! It's not very secure.
EKU Direct is your portal to everything at EKU
Registering for classes

Registering your car

Checking your billing statement and Financial Aid

Verify/Change your personal information
Choose your meal plan

Choose your dorm room

Check midterm and final grades

Check your parking tickets
The Student employee time card is also located on Direct
OneDrive is online student file storage.

All Microsoft files can also be edited online through OneDrive
Blackboard is the e-classroom for EKU!

From BlackBoard, you can check for assignments and lectures, do homework, and check your grades.
Want to be an IT Geek?
Go to jobs.eku.edu and search student jobs!
Great Skills to possess:
Customer Service Skills
Team Player
Time Management
Have a resume and cover letter ready to upload as well as your work availability
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