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CardBoard Tube Dueling

No description

John Pham

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of CardBoard Tube Dueling

Cardboard Tube Dueling The best of all sports The *Fake* History Rules Rules Prizes Different Rounds - The cardboard tubes are cylindrical pieces of
thick fiber-based tubes

- They say that it was originally made to whack people with, not for wrappers and such.

-It was the most common weapon among the gladiators Rules 1. Do not break your tube. If you break your tube
You lose and last person with a non-broken tube wins!

2. No blocking or swinging your arms. No body slamming either 4. Try not to hit the face. It is heavily
frowned upon

5. Once your tube is broken you must
stop fighting

6. You must be using an official
CTFL cardboard tube 7. You cannot block with your legs, arms or hands

8. Your tube must always be held near the bottom. Holding the tube at the middle at any time is illegal

9. Shields are banned from the tournaments Suffusca Mors Round 1- 48 Participants- 1 vs. 1 matches

Round 2- 24 Participants- 1 vs. 1 matches

Round 3- 12 Participants- 1 vs. 1 matches

Round 4- 6 Participants- 3 person chaos matches

Round 5- 2 Participants- Tube and Shield 1 vs. 1 match Depending on the number of participants, there may be fewer rounds 3. No stabbing. Lunges are prohibited from Tube
Dueling. Participants who undertake this will
disqualified The History of Heaven's Will The History of the Mad King Thor's Hammer AND MANY MORE Have Fun!
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