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Rebecca Fritz

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Confusianism

Confucianism Religion is not what is grasped by
the brain,but a heart grasped.
-Mohandas Gandi A chinese ethical and philosophical
sytem developed from the teachings of the philosoper Confusius. Confusianism is the chinese code of conduct. It states each and every way that you should live your life. It greatly influences goverment, education, atitudes toward correct personal behavior and the individual duties to society. Ren: Humanity
Yi: Righteousness
Li: Ritual
Zhi: knowledge
Xin: Integrity
Cheng: honesty
Shu: Kindness and forgiveness
What you do not want done to your self, do not do onto others. The injuries you do to an enemy should be returned with a combination of love and justice." Confusius stated that men and women weren't born good or evil. They were born with intrinsic similarities and then conditioned and influenced by study and practice. Birth Definition: Elements: Rites or Rituals Rites and Rituals are a way to find the balance between opposing qualities that might other wise lead to conflict. They divide people up in to categories and builds a hierarchy of relationships through protocols and ceremonies. Golden Rule: Goverment Confucius himself had a simple moral and political teaching: to love others; to honor one's parents; to do what is right instead of what is of advantage; to practice, and to rule by moral example instead of by force and violence. Our job is to govern, not to kill. Now we shall teach. Fast Facts " A woman's duty is not to control or to take charge."
"Woman's greatest duty is to produce a son."
"A husband can marry twice, but his wife must never remarry."
"There are three unfilial acts: the greatest of these is the failure to produce sons."
"How can one know about death before he knows clearly about life?" Life and death are determined by fate, and wealth and nobleness are determined by heaven. Death 5 Bonds Ruler to Ruled
Father to Son
Husband to Wife
Elder to Younger brother
Friend to friend Resources:

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