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To Kill A Mocking Bird Chapter 18

No description

Kailin Kovatch

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of To Kill A Mocking Bird Chapter 18

To Kill A Mocking Bird
By: Kailin Kovatch & Kaylee Kobylaski Chapter 18 Vocab Question#2 Plot Summary: "But she did not hear the compassion in his invitation. I got something to say an' thenI ain't gonna say no more. That nigger yonder took advatage of me an' if you fine fancy gentlemen don't wanta do nothin' about it then you're all yellow stinkin cowards, stinkin cowards, the lot of you."

This quote shows that Atticus is treating Mayella with respect, and Mayella is interpreting it an if he was mocking her. vigorously(adj)- strong, energetic, and active in mind or body; robust
-"She nodded vigorously..." page 179.

-"Mayella's hostility, which had subsided to grudging neutralit, flared again." page 183.

- "Mullified, Mayella gave Atticus a final terrified glance and said to Mr. Gilmer, 'Well sir, I was on the porch and'..." page 180. How does Atticus know it cannot be Tom Robinson? When Mr.Gilmer asked Mayella if she tried to fight off her attacker,what was her response? When a person is not in a comfortable enviroment, they won't know how to respond in an unfamiliar situation. She positively did with tooth and nail. Question #1 Passage #2 Question#3 Why didn't Mayella's brothers and sisters come running when she was screaming? In the story Mayella is in court. She doesn't know how to react at certain questions she is being asked by Judge Taylor. Theme Mayella Ewell is called to the stand. She testifies that she asked Tom Robinson to chop up a dresser in return for a quarter, and that when she turned around Tom attacked and raped her. Atticus shows that Mayella is terribly lonely. When Atticus asks Mayella to identify Tom, and Tom stands up, it becomes clear that Tom’s left arm is useless: it was destroyed in an farming accident. If Tom can’t use his left arm, then how could he have beaten and raped Mayella? Literary Elements Conflict; Atticus asked Mayella if Bob Ewell beat her and she refuses to answer. Mayella is scared of Atticus and thinks he's mocking her.

Rising Action; Atticus was questioning Mayella why all her brothers and sisters didn't come running when she was supposedly being rapped. p.187 Passage #1 Atticus puts the pieces together, Tom Robinsons left arm is deformed from a farming accident, so there is no way he could of raped and beat Mayella. " The jury learned the following things; their relief check was far from enough to feed the family, and there was strong suspision that Papa drank it up anyway- he sometimes went off in the swamp for days and came home sick; the weather was seldom cold enough to require shoes, but when it was, you could make the dandy ones from the strips of old tires;" This quote shows the life of the Ewells, how they lived and what they did. Life for the Ewells was horrific; they never had enough money to feed all the children in the family or for clothing and other nessesities. Chapter 18 Introduction; -Mayella Ewell is on the witness stand answering questions from Mr. Gilmer and Mr. Finch.
-It is revealed that Tom Robinson's left arm is totally useless because of a farming accident.
-The reality of Tom Robinson actually harming Mayella is a serious concern of Atticus'. Apparently the children were not around. Conclusion - From this chapter it is important for reader to know that Tom Robinson's left hand is useless because of a farming accident.
- Apparently, Mayella's brothers and sisters did not respond to Mayella's screaming. Where the children were at this time is yet to be determined as Mayella refuses to answer any questions when Mr. Finch asks about where her brothers and sisters were. -From her nonresponse, the reader infers that Mayella is hiding what actually happened. Chapter 18
To Kill A Mockingbird

By Kaylee Kobylaski & Kailin Kovatch(:
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