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How Have The Vikings Influenced us?

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Amy Dunstall

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of How Have The Vikings Influenced us?

By Amy
How Have The Vikings Influenced us?
The Vikings are an important part of our history. They have contributed to the way we live today and have provided us with many useful things.
The Vikings were very skilled explorers and they played an important role in the discovery of new land, they influenced the land and utilized it to create places people could live.

The Vikings have contributed into our English vocabulary today with words such as:
Thrall (slave), thrift, thwart, thrust, they, there, then, skirt, sky, skill, skate, ski, skull, skin, skid, skittle, shoal, roe, walrus, sled, sleet, wake, shingle, gill, gale, flow, fog, bilge, anger, knife, troll, slang, tackle, where, keg, husband, egg, bun, clown, cake, freckle, window, gate and more.
Trading was a valuable and necessary affair in Viking times, it made sure that there were relationships with other nations and ensured that resources were being shared between different countries. These trade routes were also a source of valuable income and allowed the Viking's countries to benefit as a result of more money being available to spend.
One of the first discoveries the Vikings made was Iceland, a viking came upon Iceland in 861. The land began to become settled on in 890 and by 930 approximately 10,000 Vikings had settled there.
In 982 a viking discovered Greenland and and by 985 he had convinced people to settle there alongside him.
A Viking later discovered a land he called “Vinland” which we now know as North America making the Vikings the first to discover this continent.
The Vikings also assisted in bringing around places we now know as: Dublin, the Faeroe Islands, Britain, Italy and Normandy.

The Vikings established important trade routes to far off countries such as Russia, the Middle East, Northern India and China, as well as developing trade links closer to home in Europe. They pioneered trade routes down the Volga and Dnepropetrovsk and opened routes to the Byzantine Empire, whilst also trading with the Francs and the Baltic.
Without the Viking's work in trading with other nations, our relationships with these countries would be weaker today and those countries would have developed slower as they were lacking resources that they otherwise would have acquired through trade.
As the Vikings conquered and discovered place after place they left a large impact on the economy of that particular location. They changed the European economy, developed market towns and implemented the concept of currency. It is without doubt that without the Vikings developing the concept of currency, the modern world would not be the place it is today.
The Vikings were very religious and had strong religious beliefs that had a great impact. The Vikings believed in a number of different gods that served different purposes, much like Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian religions. Vikings believed that the Norse Yggdrasil ash tree was holy, this tree is the tree popularly depicted as a Christmas tree, and without the Vikings the concept of the Christmas tree would not have come into existence.
Vikings are known for their technological skills, they developed a variety of tools, weaponry and objects.
One of the major technological developments they were responsible for was the long ship,
a durable vessel that could carry 200 men (requiring only a crew of 15 to sail it), that could
reach 18.5kph and travel 200km in a day.
Vikings were masters of creating weaponry and created swords,
spears, javelins, battle-axes, knives, bows, arrows, shields and body armor. A variety of tools were also made such as drills,
hammering devices, spike makers, shears for cutting sheet metal, chisels, anvil, tongs and
These are simply a few of the ways the Vikings have impacted our everyday lives now and there are many more. The Vikings are an important aspect of our history and were the start of the evolution of man.
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