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St. John Berchmans


Kevin Koch

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of St. John Berchmans

St. John Berchmans My Confirmation Saint. Background Born in Diest in Brabant, 13 March, 1599
happy-go-lucky child
his mother became sick when he was 9 and he spent many hours at her bedside.
He always chose the most difficult and time consuming chores at home.
Died in Rome, 13 August, 1621 Religious Life Since he was 7, he would wake up early and serve 2-3 masses as an alter boy.
he would make pilgrimages to the sanctuary of Montaigu, a few miles from Diest, reciting the rosary as he went
24 September, 1616, he was received into the novitiate of the Jesuits at Mechlin
2 years later he was in Rome studying philosophy.
he was selected by the prefect of studies to take part in a philosophical disputation at the Greek College in 1621.
after returning to his own college, that same year, he developed a fever and died on August 13.
He was only 22 years old. Sainthood John Berchmans was declared Blessed in 1865
and was canonized in 1888
He is represented with hands clasped, holding his crucifix, his book of rules, and his rosary.
He is the patron of:
Altar Servers
Oblate Novices
Young People PRAYER Dear Saint John, you died at a very young age, but in that short time you learned to live an exemplary life as a member of the Society of Jesus. Directed by your Guardian Angel, whom you confidently invoked, you learned to be a most humble server at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Help altar boys imitate you in their service at Eucharistic celebrations as well as in their conduct with others. Amen.
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