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Event Management in Real-Time Collaborations Across Mixed and Transmedia Realities

The boundaries of space in mediating events; the virtual present and the presence virtual. The ethics of crowd contributions. Digital event management. Archiving the event. The reading for this workshop: http://tinyurl.com/a27z2h3

James Barrett

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Event Management in Real-Time Collaborations Across Mixed and Transmedia Realities

"Event Management in Real-Time Collaborations
Across Mixed and Transmedia Realities"
AHRC Social Media Knowledge Exchange (SMKE)
What is an Event?
The digitally mediated event is not
* restricted to a single physical space
* can continue outside the hours advertised
* may be more of a brand than a meeting
* potentially disturbs established hierarchies
* may generate material beyond expectations

The Twitter Wall Pro is a filtered presentation system on a monumental scale
The boundaries of a digitally mediated event can be people (who determine its architecture)
Visualization is central to the mediation of the digital event
Virtual spaces supply places for interaction between actors and technology, storage of materials, objects for study, access to media.
Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt opens the embassy of Sweden in Second Life: a space that worked on many levels for profiling and branding Sweden on the basis of community

Small group of avatars listen to audio stream of roundtable presentation on machinima
Large group of avatars watch video stream of discussion
Teaching North Sámi in Second Life
A QR Code makes objects information rich
Custom created archive interface coded in HTML5 for http://stream.humlab.umu.se/
Co-opting one tool into a platform: the stacking of interfaces can be effective.
The database can become the center for events
Collective use of social media can raise profiles and build community
Minecraft is a 3D virtual world that has applications for education and outreach
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