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Share Exchange Leadership Inst.

Share Exchange - Leadership Institute Final Presentation

Kelley Rajala

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Share Exchange Leadership Inst.

Elements events classes sales membership sponsors rent Share center
DIY & repair focus
Learning center
Cultural activities
Local Marketplace
Local economy tools

Sustainability & New Local Economy Benefits of the ShareExchange
Walkable & bikable
New economy tools
Next? Develop Revenue Streams #1 Sonoma County, CA
Projected open date: September 2010 Stay Tuned...
www.golocal.coop/share 1. A central location to find local resources for sustainable living.
2. People save money by sharing, repairing and reusing.
3. Uses art, sustainability and localization as the drivers for economic development.
4. Is a source of green job experience and education.
5. Promotes and markets micro-enterprise incubation.
6. Offers expansion opportunities for existing local businesses.
7. It is a vibrant gathering place in the urban core for residents and visitors.
8. Enhances and highlights our unique Sonoma County culture.
Rentable Display Kiosks
* Flexible Design
* Signage
* Video information
* Brochure holders
* Educational displays
* Product holders Sign up for kiosk space or become
a founding member Makers Sharers The outside walls of the Made Local Store and Share Area are designed as rentable display kiosks for businesses and non-profits to display products, marketing materials and public education communications. Successes Challenges... Budget Project team
Anchor tenants
Letters of support
Open house
Lease negotiations
SBA loan
Time Bank
Green lights! Multiple Revenue Sources Rent from anchor tenants
Kiosk rental
Events & classes
Sales Budget what's missing?
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