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Is Global Warming a Hoax?

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I'm Awesome

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Is Global Warming a Hoax?
What Happened?!?
One of the major issues of the world is Global Warming. Our entire human race is to blame because of pollution due to excessive use of gas and oil. As a result of Global warming scientists are trying to invent alternative energy sources which are eco friendly, like electric cars. However, there are some people out there who think these so called scientists and inventors are trying to scare the public and trick them into buying the more expensive hybrid and electric cars. How can we be so sure?
Who studies the climate change?
Climate scientists from all over the world have been doing extensive research and came to a conclusion that the world is warming up. They have been using various studies to determine if the change in the climate is a threat to human society, plant and wildlife. In spite of all the studies numerous scientists have admitted that their predictions might have been exaggerated or wrong. They have been covering up the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the past 15 years.
Level 1
Who would have told the scientists to cover up about the assumed rising temperature?
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) were the ones who told the scientists to keep quiet even though the evidence did not support this fact . Everyone involved in the IPCC knew that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen but they didn't want to tell that to the public.
Level 2,3
Why did the IPCC force the scientists to keep quiet?
I think that the IPCC forced the climate scientists to keep quiet because they didn't want their research funding cut. Also I think they were pressured by certain industries like the car industry who wanted to profit from selling electric cars. Furthermore prominent scientists have publicized their predictions about global warming and they probably wouldn't want to look like fools for making false allegations. Research has shown that there has been some global warming but it has since stopped.
Level 2
Research shows that global warming had stopped in the 1990's. There has never actually been global warming since 1990. The temperature was only warming up in the northern hemisphere and no where else.
When did global warming stop?
Level 1
If there was no global warming, what about the polar bears?
The popular view is that the melting glaciers have negatively affected the polar bear population. However the bear populations have in fact grown not decreased. Also, there has been an increase of ice and glacier formation which seems to contradict the popular view.
Scientists saying on an interview that he was wrong about global warming.
Online article stating that climate scientists have been told to cover up.
IPCC logo
Map showing the hot temperatures in the north.
There has been a 29% increase in the amount of ocean covered by ice caps. IPCC's data has shown that the Earth's surface temperature has changed over the past decade. The arctic ice caps have increased and In some places like Florida, where it is supposed to be really hot, it has snowed. IPCC is saying that we should be careful of the world warming, when in fact we should actually be worried about the world cooling.
Why do people say that our Earth is warming?
Level 2,3
Map showing the increase of ice in a year.
How could the hockey stick effect be false?
The hockey stick effect is when the temperature data recorded is constant for a long period of time and suddenly curves up or down like the end of a hockey stick. The data recorded by the scientists have shown a significant increase which would represent a sudden rise in temperature in the last few years, so appropriate action should be taken to curb the problem, in this case global warming. However, two Canadian scientists, McKitrick and McIntyre have shown that the hockey stick effect generated by Michael Mann's computer model would drastically change, even when random data was inputted. Therefore the Mann's computer model results was flawed.
Hockey stick chart with an actual hockey stick.
What could change the global temperature recording?
I think that any natural disaster could potentially change the temperature that scientists record, such as volcano eruptions, hurricanes etc. However, these natural occurrences would have little to do with human's behavior or inventions that could affect the global temperature.
Level 3,4
Volcano eruptions can change temperature readings.
How could natural disasters change the temperature recordings?
A natural disaster could change the recordings because depending on the nature of the natural disaster it might make the global temperature either colder or warmer. When it does it might result in significant disturbance of the environment. For example, if a volcano erupts the molten lava reaches the Earths surface which makes the area and air around it really warm. The scientist would record that temperature and notice the spike in the air temperature. The following year, there might not be another eruption and the temperature will therefore be relatively cooler than the previous year, hence the inaccuracy.
Level 1
Level 3,4
Modern society is filled with electronics and have instant access to media, and are therefore easily influenced. Constant media exposure about global warming could brainwash and scare the public to buy eco friendly products like the electric car. solar panels and low energy appliances. Also I believe aggressive advertising ands fads can influence the public, especially the younger generation in buying these cool electric cars.
Why does the public believe in global warming?
Level 2
New Tesla electric car
In the USA, they have had very hot summers. The IPCC compares hot days of one year to another and if one particular years" summer is hotter they say that the Earth is warming up. Then they use this information as proof of global warming., which is inaccurate.
How does the IPCC explain the extremely hot days?
Level 2
Map of the hot days in America
Level 2
Could the scientists be wrong about the green house effect?
The greenhouse effect is a warming of the Earth's surface and the air above it. It is caused by the gases in the air that trap energy from the sun. The scientists are saying that the warming of the Earth is partly the greenhouse effects fault. The data and models that the scientists have used to record and analyse the gasses are flawed in providing misleading or inaccurate information to the scientists. The scientists themselves have said that their forecasts have exaggerated the effect of greenhouse gas.
Comic on polar bears.
Greenhouse effect diagram.
Level 1
Was the movie made by Al Gore about global warming a fake?
Al Gore was the producer of the global warming movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. This movie has won many awards and informed many people about the affects of the warming climate. The High Court in London, England detected 9 errors throughout the whole movie. There has been at least 35 factual errors but only 9 of them were taken to court. He lied about the ice melting in the Beaufront Sea, the polar bears dying while swimming long distances, sea levels rising and much more. These errors have raised questions of the validity of global warming.
Cover page of the movie
How can scientists predict 50 years in to the future?
Although the scientists have used forecast patterns and other research information the data is not always complete and can be flawed. It is absurd that the scientists think that they can predict that the future will be very warm because many factors could change from year to year. They can't be so sure yet they are scaring the public with this mis-information.
Scientists believe that Co2 or carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that warms the Earth. However history has proven that there is no relationship between the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and global temperature. In fact warmer temperatures were followed by higher CO2 not the other way around.
How could CO2 not be one of the reasons for global warming?
What do you beleive?
Level 2,3
Level 2
Level 3,4
Level 3,4
As the Earths' average temperature climbs, wind and ocean currents move the heat around the globe in ways that cools certain areas and warms up others. As a result the climate changes in different parts of the world from what each area might have previously experienced. Compared to global warming which is based on the belief that the entire Earth is warming up, this has been proven to be a fallacy.
How is climate change different from global warming?
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