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How to use Prezi

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Alan Stronach

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of How to use Prezi

Prezi is cloud based...

...which means it is made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers.

So as you can see they both have a lot of positives and some similarities.

There is lots of support available when using Prezi.

So what's the difference
between PowerPoint and Prezi?

Let's have a look!!
Prezi is diverse in it’s nature as it allows you to create and share presentations through multiple devices...

...across many platforms such as IOS and Android.

So what is Prezi?
Prezi is an alternative presentation tool to the normal presentation tools such as PowerPoint.

How do I register for
Prezi has a free version
let's have a look how to sign up.
Prezi has a great range of formatted templates for you
to use.
Once you become an
expert you can use
the blank templates.
Prezi Canvas
This is the blank canvas
for you to create your Prezi.
You can add extra frames here.
You can Undo and Redo actions.
Prezi also auto saves your presentation as you go.
You can customise your Prezi's with different themes.

There are a number of preset themes for you to use.
There is also advanced customisation options; in this section you can change fonts, colours etc.
There are some advanced customisation options.
Adding Content
There are a number of resources you can add to your Prezi.
Firstly let's look at adding
Images to a Prezi.
There are a number
of images available
from Prezi but you
can import your own.
Take care with copyright images.
Prezi supports Vector, JPG, PNG or GIF formatted images.
Let's have a look at inserting images.
Find the image you want and then double click on it.
Once your image is inserted you can alter the size, crop, add a frame etc.
Symbols & Shapes
You can add different shapes and symbols to your Prezi, here are some examples.
Lines and Arrows
You can add lines and arrows into Prezi, this helps link items up or point at certain areas of interest.
You can change the shape, colour and direction of the lines or arrows.
You can also use the Highlight tool.
Background Music
You can add music or even record a voice over for your Prezi.
Inserting PDF
You can insert PDFs and documents into your Prezi.
Background music is a great way to bring your Prezi to life.

Be careful with what music you use. Make sure it's not copyrighted. Use a site that allows free use of their music.
Be careful when inserting a PDF or any other type of document, they take up a lot of storage space.
When you insert a PDF or any other document it will always insert the whole document.
Here is an example of an inserted PDF.
Inserting Videos
Videos are a great addition to a Prezi but be careful as they do take up a lot of storage space.
Sharing Prezis via URL
Present Remotely
Download a Prezi
Prezi as a Video
Creating Amazing Prezis
5 Top Tips

Here's some useful tips for creating amazing Prezis.
Before you create your Presentation....

...map it out!!
Create an expressive structure.
Don't let the animation detract from your goal.
Images and videos can make exciting talking points...

...and initiate emotion.
Engage and give context often.
So we hope you've enjoyed this How 2 video
on Prezi.

For Prezi support go to Prezi.com/support

where you'll find some amazing examples and a FAQ section.
Alternatively contact us here at
Durham University Business School.
Durham EDU
We hope you enjoy making some amazing presentations with Prezi.
As well as inserting YouTube videos, you can also insert standalone videos.

These might be screen casts you've created or videos you've purchased.
You can share your Prezis with people via a URL link, this is good if you want someone to review and proof your Prezi prior to you delivering your presentation.
To share a Prezi select Share Prezi.
Copy the link above and share it.
You can present the video remotely with learners.

This option is good to present over teleconference, you take them through the presentation and they can watch in real time from their computer or device.
Click on Present remotely
Copy this link and share with your audience.
You can also download your Prezi in 2 formats:

A PDF which again is good if you want someone to review it for you or take away as a handout.

Or you can download it as a Portable Prezi which is good if you don't have any access to the internet.
Select Download as PDF or Download as Portable Prezi
As you can see the PDF is downloading and will save into your download folder on your PC.
And just the same as PDF the Portable Prezi is downloading.

Portable Prezis do take time to download and do take up quite a bit of storage space.
You can create a Prezi and then create a video.

To do this we use screen casting software called Camtasia.

We create the Prezi and then record it using the software, we then produce the video.

Here is an example of a video created using Prezi and Camtasia.
Saved at 12.00pm
Let’s take a look at some of the amazing things you can do in Prezi.
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