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OCR: Project Charter Presentation

No description

Sarina Lee

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of OCR: Project Charter Presentation

OCR: Project Charter Presentation
This project is an effort in which encoding of data will be done automatically. Scanned invoice data which is in printed text or handwritten will be converted to machine-encoded text. Those data will then be extracted and verified, after which be inserted directly to the database
Process Overview
In keeping with company’s migration to NetSuite, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will be instilled to current Accounting operations for efficient billing invoice process.
The OCR Project aims to:

• Drop manual encoding of invoice data
• Ensure data authenticity and accuracy
• Enhance billing invoice process
• Automate transmission of data from all touch points

OCR Process Technology Process Overview
• Procurement of Necessary Equipment
• Definition of the Process
• Development | Installation of the Software
• User-Training
• Deployment
• Monitoring
• Go | No Go Decision

Out of scope
for this project is the settling and closing of Accounts Payable transactions.
High Level Timeline
POC Timeline
Organizational Chart
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