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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Not done yet, but it's definately a start! Tell me what you think!!! :D

Naomi Brill

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Sky (Boss) Sawada Tsunayoshi
Storm--Gokudera Hayato
Yamamoto Takeshi

Sasagawa Ryohei


Hibari Kyoya

Mukuro Rokudo

Fourtenn-year-old Sawada "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi is a total failure at everything, from sports to academics to music. When Reborn, an infant tutor shows up to make him into the tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Famiglia, Tsuna has to train hard or face Reborn's wrath. Along the way he gains new friends, enemies, and a whole lot of adventure!
Sasagawa Kyoko: Tsuna has a crush on Kyoko, and in the manga the only reason he comes to school is to see her. It is unclear whether or not Kyoko likes Tsuna back, but she definately enjoys his company. Tsuna fights his hardest when he is protecting Kyoko or his other friend, Haru.
Tsuna is very kind and generous, and he cares for his friends above everything else. He is somewhat wimpy and he never believes in himself. However when he is in hyper dying will mode, he becomes fearless and strong. He has the hyper-intuition that the first Vongola boss had, which allows him to basically see a persons true intentions, so he is a good judge of character.
Weapons/Special Moves:
X-Burner: X-Burner is Tsuna's main attack. It is usable in the air or on the ground. The X-Burner uses hard Sky flames to support the attack, and hard flames for the actual attack. There are many versions of the X-Burner, but they all pretty much work the same way.
Natsu: Natsu is Tsuna's box weapon. Natsu is a lion who is, like Tsuna, very timid unless in the middle of a battle.
Miura Haru: Haru has a huge crush on Tsuna and isn't afraid to show it-in fact, she often goes out of her way to talk about how she will someday marry Tsuna. Tsuna only considers Haru a friend, however.
Gokudera Hayato: Gokudera is Tsuna's self-proclaimed right-hand man. Tsuna considers Gokudera one of his closest friends, despite his fiery temper that sometimes gets them into trouble.
Yamamoto Takeshi: Tsuna is very greatful to have Yamamoto as a friend, since many of Tsuna's other friends are very hard to get along with. Yamamoto, however, is very easygoing, and he and Tsuna get along very well.
Sasagawa Ryohei: Ryohei is Kyoko's older brother. Tsuna and Ryohei don't really interact much, but Tsuna still considers him a friend, and he trusts him to take care of Kyoko.

Lambo: Tsuna thinks of Lambo as a pest most of the time, since Lambo is only five and he's a total crybaby.
Hibari Kyoya: Tsuna is completely and utterly terrified of Hibari. Hibari is always threatening to "bite" him to death, and Tsuna is always afraid that he'll actually go through with it.
Chrome Dukuro: Tsuna and Chrome get along pretty well, since Tsuna is so kind and Chrome is so quiet. They don't interact very much, since Tsuna is so busy making sure his other guardians are staying out of trouble.
Mukuro Rokudo: Tsuna is also scared of Mukuro, though not as much as with Hibari. Mukuro is always threatening to possess Tsuna and destroy his Family.
Reborn: Tsuna feels scared of Reborn due to him shooting him in the head constantly when they first met. Later, Tsuna admires Reborn, but is still very scared of his somewhat evil way of thinking.
History: Gokudera was the child of the boss of another Familiga and a famous pianist named Lavina. When he was born, he was taken from his mother, Lavina, and it was announced that he was the second child of his father and his sister Bianchi's mother. Lavina was only allowed to see him three times a year and she wasn't allowed to tell him that she was his mother. Lavina died on Gokudera's third birthday on her way to visit him. When he was eight, Gokudera found out that she was his mother and he ran away from home. For many years he thought his father had sent some members of the family to kill her becasue he was worried about people finding out that she was Gokudera's mother, but he later finds out from Bianchi that his mother had a disease that she died of on the way to visit him, and his father didn't have her killed. He was kicked out by multiple families when he tried to join, until he found Tsuna and the Vongola. He proclaimed himself Tsuna's right-hand man and always looked up to him.
Tsunayoshi Sawada-Gokudera is very respectful of Tsuna and acts a little like a puppy, always trying to be the one to do things for him and following him around. He calls Tsuna "Juudaimei" which means "Tenth".
Yamamoto Takeshi-Gokudera is easily annoyed by Yamamoto's easygoing ways, adn often gets angry adn yells at him. He calls him Yakyuu-baka, or "Baseball idiot". However, deep down Gokudera really considers Yamamoto a good friend and is jealous of his relationship with Tsuna.
Miura Haru-Gokudera thinks that Haru needs to stop following Tsuna araound constantly and thinks she is an idiot.
Sasagawa Ryohei-Gokudera thinks that Ryohei is also an idiot, and gets aggrevated by his always saying things that make no sense.
Hibari Kyoya-Gokudera thinks that Hibariis disrespectful to Tsuna and he hates it. He also thinks Hibari is too arrogant for his own good.
Lambo-Gokudera hates little kids, so it is natural for him to loathe Lambo, who is probably the stupidest little kid around. However, since their elements are Storm and Lightning, he often feels responsible for taking care fo Lambo.
Gokudera is a very rash and irritable person. He often acts on impulse and says mean things. mHowever, he always means the best, and deep down he just really wants people to like him after being regected so many times as a child.
Weapons/Special Moves:

When Gokudera first joins the Vongola, the only weapon he knows how to use is dynamite. Eventually, he gains new tecniques with these weapons, and during the Future Arc he gains Systema C.A.I. and Uri, his box weapons.
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