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Life of Pi

No description

Chuyi Tang

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi

Life of Pi Yann Martel Male
Born in Spain in 1963
Canadian parents
1st Language: French
Write in English
"English is the language in which I best express the subtlety of life. But I must say that French is the language closest to my heart. And for this same reason, English gives me a sufficient distance to write."
Published Life of Pi in 2001
Won the 2002 Man Booker Prize Bombay (Mumbai) 2nd trip to India
After the failure of his first two books in 1996
Tried to find ideas for a new book
Planned to write a novel about Portugal
Failed due to lack of materials
Frustrated & Depressed After the failure of his first two books Pondicherry Once been controlled by the French Empire
Now self-governing

In a local coffee shop....
Francis Adirubasamy
Offered him a story
About the adventure of Mr. Patel... Main Character
-Piscine Molitor Patel- Nickname: Pi
Born in Pondicherry
Grew u in the Pondicherry Zoo
Owned by Pi's father (Santosh Patel) A lot of experiences along animals since his youth
Inspired him to discovery the relationships b/w humans & animals; humans & religions
3 religions:
Hinduism (introduced since his youth)
Christianity (a trip to Munnar & 14 yrs old)
Islam (a Mulism pray by a baker & 15 yrs old) Spiritual
Searching the balance b/w humans & animals
Searching the love from the God Name Piscine Molitor Patel
Named by Mamaji
Learnt to swimming
Named after a swimming pool in Paris Pi
Kids in school called him "Pissing"
Trained his classmates & teachers to call him Pi
by writing it on the chalkboard for each of his classs in the beginning of the new school year Symbolism:
Strong swimmer
Helped him survive from the shipwreck
Long, endless journey
w/ variations (never repeat) Life of Pi Type of Novel: Fiction
Genre: Allegory; Fable
Language: English
Narrators: Piscine Molitor Patel & Yann Martel The author visited Mr. Patel in his Toronto house in the present day
Mr. Patel was going to tell the complete story as what Francis Adirubasamy introduced
His survival of 227 days in the Pacific Ocean
From his own vision
Mr. Patel started from his youth in Pondicherry
Father owned a zoo
The family was forced to leave India
Financial problems
Father, mother, Ravi (oldder brother), Pi, & all the animals they owned
Destination: Winnipeg, Canada
Aboard a Japanese ship "Tsimtsum"
Tragedy began after a shipwreck

Mr. Patel kept mentioning someone called Richard Parker Entered the Union of India on Nov. 1st, 1954 Part One - Toronto & Pondicherry
Part Two - The Pacific Ocean
Part Three - Benito Juarez Infirmary, Tomatlan Mexico Settings Tone: Entertaining, meaningful, philosophical, & journalistic Point of View:
Part One - 1st person point of view
Switching back & forth b/w the author & Mr. Patel (b/w chapters)
Part Two - 1st person point of view
Mr. Patel narrating the story
Part Three - 1st person point of view by the author
Recording conversations b/w Pi & 2 Japanese officials Sections Richard Parker A Royal Bengal tiger
Weight: 450 pounds
Length: 9 feet
One of the only 2 survivors from the shipwreck
"Shared" a lifeboat w/ Pi
Originally named Thirsty by his captor
Accidentally reversed names by a shipping clerk *Fearsome
But the companion helped Pi to survive Pondicherry Manila Mariana Trench
(The Deepest part on earth) The Ship shrunk... Pi lost his family... 5 creatures were aboard the lifeboat... Internal Conflict Depressed
Lost family
In nowhere
Potential difficulities
Only a lifeboat
Lack of food & water
w/ a tiger
he was hungry too!
NO HOPE Self-sufficient
Positive power of belief
Dominate Richard Parker & gathered confidence
Being an adult External Conflict *A Tiger! Paternal Relationship
Richard Parker - Omega
Pi - Alpha
Challenge & distraction Fearsome
I am his only food source
Guarded the life boat as his own territory External Conflict Lack of food & water
predatory marine life
Unpredictable sea currents & storms
Exposure to the Sun, wind currents, sea water, etc. Gave up vegetarianism
Ate fish flesh
Learnt to adopt the environments 4 things helped Pi survive A skill
A lesson
Pi was taught by his father
that the animals were animals
To dominate
A tiger
Fear & companionship
A belief
He was alive --> God was within him
A way to pass time (pray)
A sense of connection to the nature/ sth. greater & more powerful Tomatlan Part Three Landed on the Mexican shore
Richard Parker left w/out saying goodbye
Pi was saved by the local people
While recovering in the hospital, 2 Japanese officials came to interview Pi to investigate the reasons of shipwreck
People could not believe what Pi experienced & thought he was being unrealistic
One of the officials wrote a letter to the author
Saying that he was impressed by Pi's courage & endurance Themes The power of life's force
The human desire for companionship
Storytelling - a strategy for self-preservation Motifs Territorial dominance
Hunger & thirst
Rituals Symbolism Pi = Richard Parker
Lifeboat = faith Foreshadowing Part One
Mr. Patel's study of religions & zoology
The present house
Full of food
Religious decoration
Intense suffering classes
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