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Decoding Dewey

No description

Karen Zell

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Decoding Dewey

Decoding Dewey
The Dewey Decimal System Began
Dewey decided to put similar subjects together
Easier browsing for research
How do I leave a record for the future?
900's History
Born in 1851
At 21 he developed a system for organizing the library that is still used today
The Man Behind the Method
Every librarian organized the library how they thought it was best.

This made it hard for anyone else to find anything.
Libraries Before Dewey
But Dewey still wanted more organization...
What came next?
Dewey imagined himself as a prehistoric man...
and the type of questions he might ask
Who am I?
100's Psychology
Man thinks about himself
and what makes him human
200's Religion

Who Made Me?
Man thinks about where he came from.
Who is that guy
in the next cave?
300's Community
How can I make that guy understand me?
400's Language
How can I understand the world around me?
Man thinks about the people around him
Man learns to communicate
Man learns about nature,
space, earth and life
How can I tell others about what I did?
800's Literature
How can I
use what I know about my world?
500's Science
600's Technology
Man learns how to use things to improve his life
How do I relax?
700's Leisure
Man finally has time to enjoy art, music and sports
Man becomes a storyteller to entertain, with poems, plays and tales
Man writes about history:
who, what, where, how and when
Decoding The Dewey Decimal System
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