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Do they have to LIKE you?

No description

Jill Ellern

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Do they have to LIKE you?

Do they have to like you?
Elizabeth Marcus and Jill Ellern
Facebook marketing in the age of paid ads
February 28, 2018
Western Carolina University
Elizabeth Marcus
Undergraduate Experience Librarian
Jill Ellern
Systems Librarian
Webinar Summary
Discuss the decline of organic reach
"Wouldn't it be cool to do library research about Facebook?"
What has been done before?
Is Facebook worth the time for Libraries?
Why is our fan engagement so low?
How can we improve it?
Is it lack of attention?
Is there something we can do it improve it?
Let's look at what libraries doing about this?
What could we do?

Explain our interest in this topic
Explore what other NC libraries are doing
Review collected Facebook data
Navigate Facebook platform changes since 2004
Share tips for improving your page and posts
What NC Libraries have Facebook pages?
How many LIKES, Follows, Have Been Heres do each have?
Can we predict Facebook LIKES using any demographic factors?

What are other libraries doing with Facebook
Had database of NC academic libraries from previous reseach
“User Authentication in the Public Areas of Academic Libraries in North Carolina”
by Gillian (Jill) D Ellern, Robin Hitch, Mark A Stoffan Information Technology and Libraries Vol 34, No 2 (2015).

Included some basic demographics
No complete directory of web-based information existed
Library homepage, Facebook page, social media
Created our own NC Academic Library Directory
ALA Directory (scanned pdf, OCRed)
Google and Facebook searching of each library
And so we created the directory...
Collected other demographics
Began collecting LIKES (March 2016)
Updated LIKES again (July 2017)
IPEDS, location of links, other social media
Not sure what we wanted to do yet...
Collecting Facebook LIKES
NCLA Poster Session proposal accepted (Oct 2017)
Updated LIKES again (Oct 2017)
DLS Webinar proposal accepted (Feb 2018)
Updated LIKES again (Feb 2018)
* Gained one and lost three over the study period
Facebook Insights
View your page's
tab frequently to assess views and engagement
Organic Reach
What is it?
Why is it important?
What has happened to it?
The New Feed Algorithm
Strategies for Boosting Local Reach
Form a network of library ambassadors on Facebook
Create a Facebook group connected to your page
Cross post content over multiple social media platforms
Link your Facebook page on your website
Last Resort: Consider paying for ads and post boosts
Regularly review and update your account profile information
Overall Performance
When are followers looking at your page?
Who is engaged?
Which posts are working?
Overall Reach
Ask open-ended questions/encourage feedback
"Listen" to what others are saying

Facebook search
Google Alerts
Like other pages as your library
Comment on other pages

Find opportunities to solve problems or promote services
Collaborate with established pages in your institution/community
Be Strategic
Finding Time and Help
Staying Current on Trends
Use the
Scheduled Posts
feature under
Publishing Tools
to increase consistent and preschedule posts after office hours
Improving Your Current Facebook Page
Consider Ads and Post Boosts
Flexibility is Important
Likes ≠ Engagement
Fan page
Group page
Pick your type
(one of 6)
Facebook for business

Guidelines for Facebook Posts
Post no more than 2 times a day, no less than once a week
Create authentic,
Present content with photos, videos, or polls
Solicit help or advice from your institution's marketing team
Recruit student workers, volunteers, or unpaid interns
Formally schedule 1 hour per week for Facebook
Follow Facebook pages
Follow Technology pages
Facebook Newsroom
Presentation: http://goo.gl/Lr8rv6
Facebook Page: http://goog.gl/X4BA6G
Dataverse link: https://goo.gl/NeFQYP
Google Drive: https://goo.gl/nvSPwC
References: https://goo.gl/BzxwZS

Key Takeaways
Meet with your institutional/community social media manager
Find time for marketing and ways to stay up-to-date
Create a "See First" marketing video

is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution
Libraries don't usually have a marketing budget and users rarely got to your page
Method governing what Facebook users see on their feed (Paid and Unpaid)
Unpaid posts on Facebook are not showing up in user's News Feeds
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