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101 Villages Gudipati Cheruvu Presentaion

complete status report of 101 Village Project Team Andhra Pradesh

Tummala Dhanvi

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of 101 Villages Gudipati Cheruvu Presentaion

Andhra Pradesh Team
Village (Gudipati Churuvu) Location
Village consists of 200 families total of 800 people
90% of them depend on daily wages for living
Area 9 X 9 sq Km
Village is surrounded by a hill and a pond
None of the families have toilets
50% of them don't have pakka house
Bank Accounts
Secondary Education
Need to go to Marcharla for every small needs
No Gas Connections
Exercises for students
Meeting with Villagers
Tution Classes
Re-installed temple in the Village
Completed hard-copy and soft copy of the village survey
Scanned the Id proof of each individual using phone camera and cam-scanar app
Prepared the list of people who need bathrooms and pensions and gas connections
Approved 40 bank accounts to the villagers by talking with the concerned Bank Manager
Village Survey
What's Next
Skill development programs for employment generation
More Pakka Houses
Vegetable gardening in the free land
The village is located in Vellurthi Mandalam of Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
Latitude 15.6912749 Longitude 80.1191296
CIR Department
College Faculty
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