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The Secret Garden

No description

Jenn Kane

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Garden

The theme of this book is: hope and a positive outlook on life can help you through tough problems in life.
Hope helped Colin because the "magic" of the secret garden led him to believe that he could do anything. Dickon believed that hope can help others live a happy life as well. Finally, a feeling of hope helped Mary by allowing her to change from an ill-tempered girl and finally feel empathy for others.

The Secret Garden Outlook
By: Julia Maeve Chorun,
Jenn Kane, and
Sarah Paladino

Narrator's Point of View
The narrator's point of view is shown within the character's actions in the book. The story was told from a third-person point of view. The narrator described the character's feelings during particular events. For example, when Mary finds Colin in his room, the narrator describes the expression and feelings of both Colin and Mary. The reader knows how they feel inside and toward other characters
Our Personal Rate and Reflection
This book was a good example of how people change when their life or circumstances change. When Mary lived in India she was ignored and treated poorly. When she started to have people treat her kindly, she learned how to be kind and think of others. Her life got better and she started to enjoy her life instead of always being angry and mean.
We would rate this book a 9 out of 10. The plot was exciting and interesting to read, but sometimes it carried on with too much detail and descriptions. There was an excess amount of description at times so it was a little boring to read. Overall, the characters were deep and
The Secret Garden
was an amazing book and our Lit Circle group really enjoyed it.
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