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cat eye syndrome

No description

Kayla Dempsey

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of cat eye syndrome

By: Kayla Dempsey cat eye syndrome Names For Cat Eye Syndrome Causes This For This Disorder Symptoms And Population Dominate Or Recessive, And How Cat Eye Syndrome Is Inherited Prevented Cat Eye Syndrome SOURCES!!!!! Felon eye is the only name for this disorder
The reason they call cat eye syndrome felon eye is because the eye looks close to a cat eye but its not This genetic disorder is caused by birth in order for you ti have this disorder your parents must have it Some symptoms are pertaining to the eye, heart defects, and mild or moderate mentality (ect.)

Anybody can be affected by this disorder as long as both of your parents have cat eye syndrome Medical Assistance Sadly this disorder can not be prevented Cateye-socialstyrelsen.com


cancateyesyndromebeprevented?-Healthy.org There is no way to tell if your child has cat eye syndrome in tell he or she is born This is inherited by birth there is no other way for your child to get this disease unless you have it

This disease is dominate once you have it you keep it forever unless you get surgery but it might not cure this disease The only medical assistance you need is a doctor nobody can really do anything The chromosome gene 22 is a cause for this disorder too This disorder might bring you to brain cancer Test There are no prenatal test to make sure your baby does have it or does not You should already know if you have this disorder your kid will have it automatically The only cure for this disorder is surgery but that is not granted for progress. Nothing else is coming anytime soon You have to take many pills if you dont want to get surgery
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