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Woodrow Wilson

President Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Viviana Flores

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Woodrow Wilson

The Peak
Path to presidency:
Barriers & Inspiration:
Thomas Woodrow Wilson
Thomas Woodrow Wilson
Early Life:
Why I Chose Woodrow:
Woodrow's 14 points
Random Fun Facts!
Work Cited:
During Woodrows two terms in office much was accomplished. For example:
women's rights
treaty of Versailles
League of Nations
14 points
Mothers day
“President Wilson” woodrowwilsonhouse.org. 14 May 2013
“TheNobelPeacePrize1919” Nobelprize.org.14 May 2013
"Woodrow Wilson Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 16 May 2013.
federal reserve
Woodrow enjoyed baseball, silent movies, and his car.
He never learned how to drive.
The centennial of his time in office is 2013-2021
He was dyslexic.
-Birth-December 28, 1856 Staunton, Virginia
-Parents: Jessie and Joseph Woodrow
-Siblings: four
-Education:Davidson college,University of Virginia,Princeton University,John Hopkins University
Wilson had trouble learning thorughout his childhood ;however, with support from his family and his own perseverance he was able to overcome these obstacles.
-Health problems
Phi Kappa Psi
-lived all over the south
"Woodrow Wilson and the Women Who Inspired Him - Princeton, NJ Patch." Princeton Patch. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 May 2013.
Woodrow relied on the opinion of two very important women in his life who were both his wives. They were able to keep him on the right track at home as well as in office.
"When Ellen died of kidney disease during Wilson's first year in the White House (1913), he reportedly walked around in a daze for days, whispering, "My God, what am I to do?""
-Wilson contained not only a Ph.D(John Hopkins) but a baccalaureate(princeton) as well.
-Governor of New Jersey(1911-1913)
-He was a professor at several establishments.
-Princeton's 13th President
-Strong passion in whatever he pursued led to a following that supported him during elections.
-Wilson received the peace prize for his efforts in keeping the peace between nations with the greater good of the people in mind.
-Was given the prize in 1920 rather than 1919.
-Won for the year 1919.
-At first it was because I thought his name was really cool!
-Later on I realized how he was our 28th president and accomplished a lot during his time in office so I decided to stick with him.
-Taft and Roosevelt split up republican votes.
After making such a huge impact on the nation during his presidency Woodrow ended his two terms in office after 1921 and only a short few years later died due to a stroke. Wilson truly was a great leader and peacekeeper.
Death-February 3, 1924
Ellen Wilson
Edith Wilson
Margaret Wilson
Jessie Wilson
Eleanor Wilson
Received the first airmail letter
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