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Kingdom Prussia

No description

Beka .

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Kingdom Prussia

The Birth of Kingdom Prussia Königreich Preußen- Hetalia Style Prussia's "Awesome" self, was born January 18, 1701 (making him 312 years old, if he/it still existed.) Anything before that date, he considered unimportant and did not care to mention. In his younger years, he was referred to as the Teutonic Knights, but represents the former East Germany and the present region of Eastern Germany. 7-years' war
(the war of Austrian Succession) When Maria Theresa was crowned the Archduchess of Austria, Prussia sent a letter to Austria himself, stating he would not recognize the Archduchess until the region of Silesia was in his possession, and that he would be invading soon.
Austria informs his servants of Prussia's invasion and demands an army be formed at once.
When Austria is informed of Prussia's arrival, it is learned that he is flanked by both France and Spain (BTT), while Austria's own army consists of only England and himself. The Dissolving of Kingdom Prussia After WW2, thanks to the Allies' (America, France, England, Russia, China), Prussia was dissolved as a nation and was forced to join with his little brother, Ludwig Beilschmidt, the personification of West Germany. From there on out, Prussia is always mentioned as helping Germany, whom he endearingly calls "West", out with work and at World Meetings, until Germany bans him. Gilbert Beilschmidt is a character created by Hidekaz Himaruya. He is the personifaction of the dissolved Kingdom of Prussia. In reality, however, the Kingdom of Prussia did exist before that date. It was January 18, 1701 that Elector Frederick III had himself crowned Frederick I and upgraded Prussia from a duchy to a Kingdom. Growing up, Prussia was rebellious, despite being born to fight the same wars as Austria. Instead, all he ever did was fight and find means of escaping marriage. Though he masks it, Prussia is actually a very punctual and methodical individual. He has kept centuries' worth of diaries, never leaving out a single detail of his life. (that's where your history books got it from, obviously.) Prussia was a very great and powerful Kingdom. However, despite it being very boastful about such information, it had a very strict, diligent army and was unusually well organized. Though Prussia was not one fond of being told what to do, he held high respect and was quite loyal to his leaders, and had a strong attachment to Frederich II, whom he referred to as "Old Fritz." Also, while Prussia was growing up, he was quite religious, praying to God for forgiveness for every little thing he did.
Later in life, after the Battle of Tannenburg and being beaten by both Poland and Lithuania, he calmed down and went under the care of Poland while being the Duchy of Prussia.
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