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Copy of The Harlem Renaissance and Modernism

No description

Kerri Bury

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Harlem Renaissance and Modernism

The Harlem Renaissance
1910 - 1940
A World at War
World War I - The Great War
1914 - 1918
Influential force on American writers
Involved 32 nations
Killed 20 million people
Ended idealism and ushered in an era marked by corruption
The Jazz Age
Roaring Twenties
F. Scott Fitzgerald said,
The 20's were "the greatest,
gaudiest spree in history."
19th Amendment
emancipated young woman who embraced new fashions and urban attitudes of the day
Alcohol was illegal!
"Speakeasys" were establishments
that illegally sold alcohol.
Speakeasy = listen to great jazz music
Stock Market Crash = October 1929
Unemployment = 25%
Dust Bowl = Ruined Farmers
President = Franklin Roosevelt = New Deal = 3 R's =
RELIEF (for the unemployed)
RECOVERY (of the economy back to its normal state), and REFORM (to prevent another economic depression)
Didn't end until World War II = 1939
and Modernism
Illegal Activity in the 1920s
Organized Crime-- Mobsters made millions gambling and bootlegging.

Political Scandals--Teapot Dome
1919 World Series-- 8 White Sox players banned from organized baseball for intentionally losing the game.
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