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David Suzuki

No description

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of David Suzuki

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David Suzuki
Why is David Suzuki a leader
David is the worlds leader in sustainable ecology because of his program the "David Suzuki Foundation". This foundation was made to make the world a better place. Some of his current campaigns are (help bring butterflies back, Ocean keepers, say no to coal, etc).
What David did to become who he is?
Although David was just another person who wanted to help the environment, he was the only one to take it to the next step. He knew he had to make a change so he had started a TV series called The Nature of Things. This series informed people about how we can make the world a better place.
Lead from the back
David made important decisions and let others think that they have made that idea. Doing this it gave courage to others and now everybody is trying to contribute ideas.
Appearances matter
David appealed to his followers with hope and positivity which always made people stay by his side. David had always kept a smile which also made the followers to follow.
Who Is David Suzuki?
David Suzuki is an award winning scientist and broadcaster. David was born during 1936 in Vancouver. Later on he had graduated from college in 1958 with honors then received a PhD in zoology and is a geneticist. David is now recognized as the world leader in sustainable ecology.
By : Sai
courage is not the absence of fear
David never has to feel fearless, as long as he motivates someone to be brave. He gets people out of their comfort shell and makes them a little more brave. The David Suzuki foundation currently has more than 30,000 supporters

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