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Characterization in Stephen Kings The Green Mile

No description

Noah DeVasher

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Characterization in Stephen Kings The Green Mile

Characterization in Stephen Kings The Green Mile by Noah DeVasher
William Wharton
William Wharton, known as "Wild Bill", grew up at a trailer park and was known as a crazy trailer trash racist.
Eduard Delacroix
Eduard was thought to be psychotic. Convicted of arson, rape, and murder.The guards like Eduard as he respected them and got along with them.
The Way out
The Green Mile
In The Green Mile, author Stephen King uses characterization to portray the three inmates on death row as lesser human beings.
Wild Bill was one of those guys that lived just to terrorize others.
"William Wharton: a tough and boasting character, claiming to be a modern Billy the Kid."(IMBD)
While staying at E block Delacroix takes in and trains a mouse, also known as “Mr. Jingles”, who he loved more than life itself.
John Coffey
Eduard Delacroix: [after Coffey shares his cornbread with Del] “I thank you, Mr. Jingles thanks you, my mom would thank you too but she’s dead.”(King)
Even though Eduard Delacroix was respectful and no harm to anyone in the prison,he was punished for his mistakes, as he was excecuted painfully in the electric chair.
The final inmate that comes into the story is John Coffey, John Coffey: “Like the drink, just spelled different.”(King)
. “6-foot, 8-inch black prisoner convicted of killing the two Detterick twins in 1932.”(StephenKingCharacters)
John also shows signs of being mentally challenged, with him poor grammar and poor ability to speak. While in the prison he does multiple unbeliable task for others.
John seems to be just another inmate, until Percy, the most unfavorable guard on E block, steps on Mr. Jingles, Delacroix's pet mouse. Coffey then picks up the mouse in front of all the guards and inmates, and revives the mouse, in an undescribable way.
John's true powers come out when the main guard is suffering from a urinary tract infection.
Later on in the story, the guards find out that John is innocent.
Eduard kept to himself during his stay on E block, he respected the guards and the other inmates.
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