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Astrology in Grendel

No description

Valeria Trevino

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Astrology in Grendel

Astrology in Grendel

Valeria & Evelyn

Aries- Ram

Chapter Two
Taurus- Bull
Chapter Three
Gemini- Twins
Chapter Four
Cancer- Crab
Chapter Five
Leo- Lion
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Libra- Scale
Chapter Eight
Scorpio- Scorpion
Chapter Nine
Sagittarious- Archer
Chapter Ten
Capricorn- Goat
Chapter Eleven
Aquarious- Water
Chapter Twelve
Pisces- Fish
Chapter One

Shown by Grendel scaring off a Ram, and it alludes to the fact that he is trapped in the astrology of the moon and the stars.

Brave & Cynical
In chapter two, the bull attacks Grendel while he is stuck in the tree, again illustrating how astrology shows that he is trapped.

Objective & Stubborn
Chapter three is about the sign of the Gemini, or twins, as the shaper creates a doubled reality.

Superficial & Versatile
Chapter Four symbolizes Cancer due to the nourishing power of the shaper, which is what Cancer symbolizes.

Creative & Nourishing
Chapter Five refers to the sign of Leo due to the role the Dragon tries to give Grendel in his schemes.

Dramatic & Cheerful
Chapter six is the chapter of the Virgo due to Grendel's comment "so much for the harvest virgin", which refers to innocence.

Studious & Knowledge- seeking
Virgo- Virgin
Chapter Seven refers to the zodiac sign of Libra through the reconcilliation of Hrothgar and the balance that is restored.

Balance & Concilliation
Chapter eight represents the sign of Scorpio due to the reference of Hrothulf being a "sweet scorpion".

Sagittarious is represented in chapter nine by the sentaur, indicating the need for reconcilliation between two different natures.

Adventurous & Impassioned
Chapter ten symbolizes the sign of Capricorn, the goat, due to the pessimism Grendel feels despite his quest.

Pessimistic & Determined
Chapter Eleven alludes to the sign aquarious due to Grendel's interest in understanding life, although he does not become wiser through his journey.

Self-centered & Interested in Learning
Chapter Twelve represents the zodiac sign pisces, which is often associated with the number two, due to Grendel's fight with Beowulf. When Grendel is defeated, his universe has become one of two.

Sensitive & Helpful
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