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America's Other Army

No description

Nicholas Kralev

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of America's Other Army

What Is Diplomacy in 2014?
Why Should We Care
About Diplomacy?
What Do U.S. Diplomats Do?
Cameron Munter
Gavin Sundwall
600 career diplomats
52 embassies & consulates
7 secretaries of state
Foreign Service Duties
Teaching effective governance
Participating in nuclear negotiations
Organizing cultural events
Reforming child-adoption systems
Selling U.S. weapons to other countries
Recovering from natural disasters
Promoting American business
Issuing passports and visas
Visiting prisoners
Fixing public relations problems
U.S. National Interest
(Human Rights, Democracy, Equality)
Source: National Security Strategy
Foreign Service Mission
Bringing about "the world we seek"
(Transformational diplomacy)
Dealing with "the world as it is"
(Traditional diplomacy)
Traditional Diplomacy
Managing foreign relations
Representing the U.S. and its people
Assisting American citizens abroad
Addressing transnational issues
Transformational Diplomacy
Ensuring good governance in
as much of the world as possible
Resources for Diplomacy
Foreign Service

$50 billion
13,000 members
Armed Forces

$500 billion
1.4m members
Humanizing Diplomacy
For Foreign Service members
For people in other countries
For the American public
Diplomacy's Identity Crisis
The impact of 9/11
New skills and duties
"Shock to the system"
Insufficient training
National Security Strategy
“Our diplomacy and development capabilities must:

help prevent conflict
spur economic growth
strengthen weak and failing states
lift people out of poverty
combat climate change and epidemic disease
strengthen institutions of democratic governance.”

A key tool for implementing foreign policy by engaging with and influencing the behavior of nation-states, international organizations and other actors on the world stage.
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