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by, Josh, Mersadies, Aubrey

Mersadies Graves

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus

Pop culture:
Comparisons and Differences Pirates of the Caribbean Pop Culture Poetic Devices

Allusion: "takes more courage
than facing Charybdis
a million times."
Dictation: Formal Speech
Free Verse
Enjabment: "We don’t fall in love
under a full moon,
in a flurry of passion." Dear Odysseus
Some people are just normal.
We simply live the life
that is given to us.
We don’t travel to distant lands
and lead men valiantly into battle.
We don’t fall in love
under a full moon,
in a flurry of passion. Similarities:
Goddess Calypso
Jack does not stay on Calypso's island for a long period of time
Calypso follows more of Cicre's character By: Mersadies, Aubrey, and Joshua The Odyssey Calypso is a witch goddess that help Jack deal with the black curse and defeat Davy Jones Ice age:Continental Drift Men were expected to go to war and become heros. To die without recognition and fame was frowned upon in many societies. The author is portraying how Odysseus is cowardly for not standing up for himself towards Agamemnon. Sirens appear as what the animals want the most and draw them towards the island Similarities:
Sirens draw ships towards the islands
They are not aware of the sirens at first Annotation 3 Annotation 2 An insult to Odysseus for leading men into battle so violently when others just stay home and enjoy their families. And we are not known worldwide
for our bravery and charm.
We eat when we are hungry
and sleep when we are tired.
And to die unknown in your hometown
takes more courage
than facing Charybdis
a million times.

Jeremy Stephens http://watch32.com/movies-online/ice-age-continental-drift-227000/episode-5.html The End
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