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Weathering Story

Students will use knowledge learned from weathering unit to create a story from an "objects" point of view on how it has weathered over time.

Cara Bosler

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Weathering Story

Story requirements from an objects
point of view Review of Chemical Weathering Review of Physical Weathering Many things on the Earth are weathered, such as rocks, wood, metal, statues, and roads. Choose ONE object to write a short story about. Use your spiral notebook, textbook, and what you have learned from the Weathering Unit to help you determine what caused the object to be weathered. Temperature – freezing water cracks, and extreme heat cause rocks to crack. Temperature Ice Wedging or Frost Action Organic activity is natural

Walking on leaves, sledge hammer, mole, root pry(roots beneath sidewalk, grass in the driveways) and animals burrowing. Organic Activity Gravity – abrasion is occurring
Falling rocks and land slides Gravity Abrasion can occur by the wind. Abrasion Water is the leading cause of chemical weathering.
Water dissolves the minerals Water Oxidation is the process in which oxygen in the air combines with minerals to weaken rock.
Ex: Faucets with mineral build-up Oxidation Sulfuric Acid – rain, snow, sleet, or hail that had heavy concentration of harmful sulfuric and nitric acids. It forms when pollutants from burning fossil fuels combine with moisture in the air.
Ex: Factories Sulfuric Acid (Acid Rain) Plant Acid – Plants give off an acid that will break down a rock.
Ex: Lichen Plant Acid Needs to be told from the "objects" point of view. At least three paragraphs of five sentences each. There should be a beginning, middle and end to your story. Correct use of grammar and spelling. Weathering Story Type/process of weathering is included. 3 min max At least 5 frames At least 3 images Make your story come to life Presentation by creating a ... Presentation Requirements:
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