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The Stamp Act

No description

Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Stamp Act

Causes of the Actions
Since Britain had lost their money they started to tax the colonies
They were already taxing the colonies for sugar and molasses
was it taxed
British scouts were sent to the colonies to check peoples books or papers to see if they have been taxed
If they were not taxed they would be fined or put in jail
Colonists Spoke out
British leaders thought the taxing was fair, but the colonists did not
Mercy Otis Warren disagreed with the new tax so she wrote plays that accused British leaders of being greedy
Patrick Henry's opinion
Patrick Henry told the members of the House of Burgesses that the colonies were not represented by Parliament
Patrick was accused of treason because he was guilty of working against his own government
No Taxation Without Representation
On October 1765 the nine colonies had representatives that met in New York City, this became known as the Stamp Act Congress
The colonial leaders spoke up against the Stamp Act, the colonists began to say these words "no taxation without representation"
What was the Stamp Act?
The stamp act was when Britain taxed paper products with stamps. There would be a stamp on every paper product taxed.
The Stamp Act
By: Anna and Erin

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