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rain clan

No description

river rock

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of rain clan

Kingdom of Rain
prince: stone-stripe
healer: misty-tail
king: hurricane-crown
gray chins:
kingdom of rain
where they live
the cats of the kingdom rain along with the 2 other kingdoms, live in the mountains.
cool pics of there kingdom
hurricane crown
I'm sorry it was just to cute!
funny pics of cats!
total cats:
owls quest
safe keeping
tail's greeting
The feeling of rejection washed over her. "what if they think I'm just a petty kit from some unknown place?" she muttered to her self, she whipped around the side of a mossy tree, "I'm never going to be wanted anyway!" she grunted to her self, suddenly, her ears shot up as she heard the sound of other cats meowing. her tail twitched. she spotted a white she-cat talking with some other cats, some of the cats held prey in their mouths, the white cat pricked up her ears, they locked eyes, the white she-cat muttered something to a small black cat with green eyes, the black cat turned around and padded along until the mossy trees covered her. 'Hello?" the she-cat meowed, with a little unease in her voice. the kit walked slowly up to her, "Hello," she squeaked, "do you have a name?"the she-cat meowed, she looked at the kit with concern in her icy blue eyes. "I'm....well....I don't have a name." the kit stuttered, puffing her chest out so far that she almost fell straight on her face. she had always tried to be intimidating ,every since she encountered dogs twice her size. the she-cat let out a purr of amusement, then sat in front of the kit. she was always the smallest and she absolutely hated it. the She-cat touched the kits fur with her tail, her warm eyes went on forever. the kits tail twitched. the She-cat looked at the kit confused, I glared at my tail then looked at the white she-cat. " My name is Ice Flower, a former a princess of the kingdom of rain, Excuse my thoughts but you look horrible! Where have you been? You don't smell like any of the other kingdoms?!" ice flower spoke , the kit shifted her paws " can I be apart of a....a", she searched for the words the she-cat used,"a Kingdom?" ice flower asked. "yes! that's it!" the kits blue eyes stretched wide,"Darling that is up to hurricane crown, who are your parents?" ice flower asked hesitantly. the kit replied with an answer that would change her life forever, " I haven't known my parents since the day the dogs attacked.", ice flowers eyes stretched wide, " the kingdom of W-whisper" ice flower stuttered, the kit tilted her head "the what?", before the kit could say much more, the black cat came padding back through the trees, this time with more cats. ice flower got up, she muttered something to a large, calico, tom, "impossible!" the kit over herd him gasp, his gaze turned to the kit, then back to ice flower, "are you sure? she looks to young to remember anything about the kingdom of whisper" he muttered, "I knew something was odd about her," added the black cat, glaceing at the kit with wounder, her tail twitched, what was all the drama about? she was just attacked by dogs, that's it, no kingdom of whisper was ever mentioned before now. "well now what?" spoke a skinny gray and white tom-cat. "we take her back to the kingdom, of coarse" ice flower mewed "I can watch over her, like a mother." she added warmly, shock flashed the large calico eyes, "are you sure you can handle another kit?" he spoke, doubt in his tone, "you know I can!" ice flower lashed her tail in innocence, "we should keep it secret, say that she is ice flowers kit, the last thing we need is every cat asking questions." meowed the grey and white tom, "good idea, we should go then."
"meowed, the cats nodded in agreement. The walk home seemed to take a life time, each paw step was like walking on thorns, by the time the patrol returned, most cats where settling down for dusk, "Deer-fur, pleas take these two to the healers den ."meowed Blizzard-thorn, Deer-fur signaled with his tail for Owl and Tail to follow him, the vines rustled as the two cats pushed through the entrance of the healers den, Misty-tail was placing cobweb on Leaf-pelts ear, "there, your good to go" she muttered to leaf pelt, Leaf-pelt got up and stalked toward the exit, Misty-tail shot a confused glance at Owl and Tail "do you mind telling me how this happened?", "fox got us" sighed Owl, "we got rid of it tho." added Tail ,Misty-Tail gestured with her paw to sit, Owl sat down on a clump of moss, while Tail sat on a grassy stump. Misty-tail sniffed at Owls wounds, she had a deep gash on her shoulder where the fox had bit her, but the rest where miner wounds, Misty-tail grabbed a few minty smelling leafs and started chewing them in to a paste, she rubbed the paste on owls shoulder "this will stop any infection" she muttered, than padded back to get some cobwebs, "be still" ,she muttered through a mouth full of cobweb, she placed down the cobwebs on Owls shoulder, "check on it with me when you can so i can see if its healing right." Owl nodded, "thanks." Owl meowed sleepily to Misty-tail, who was already working on Tails wounds, Owl padded out of the healers den and in to her own, the den was full of sleeping cats, Owl had to be careful not to step on any one, once she made it to her grassy corner she curled up and fell to sleep. dawn came too quick for Owl, her body throbbed, "wake up!" yowled Tail, jabbing a paw into Owls belly, "I'm up", grunted Owl, "do you even know what today is!? after last night Hurricane-crown decided to make us knights! oh and hunters" meowed Tail, excitement glittering in her eyes, Owls ears shot up "really!?" she yowled, now felling the excitement Tail was, "you will be the best knight ever!" purred Owl, "and you, hunter" ,Tail was shaking in excitement. Owl and Tail padded out of the trainees den to the prey stump, Owl forgot how hungry she was, she couldn't remember last time she ate. she sunk her teeth into a large finch, she liked her lips when she finished. Owls heart stopped when she heard Hurricane-crown call the kingdom together for a meeting, she knew it was time. the kingdom began to come out of there dens and take place under tall stump waiting for Hurricane-crown to deliver the news. "come on!" meowed Tail, Owl nodded, to happy to speak, the two cats padded across the clearing, and jumped up to the stump, it was a tight fit, but she didn't mind. Owl looked at Tail, her chest puffed out and here eyes where burning with pride, Hurricane-crown gave a yowl to silence the kingdom, "it is time for these skilled trainees to earn their proper place in the kingdom of rain," Hurricane-crown began ,giving a warm look at Tail he continued "Tail, you have chosen the path of a knight, you have trained well ,and have learned the way of the kingdoms, yesterday, a fox attacked these two strong trainees, they fought well and defeated the fox." the kingdom let out yowls of triumph, Hurricane-crown lashed his tail, signaling silence, then started up again ," Tail, from this day on, you shale be known as Dancing-tail, the kingdom of spirits honers you skills and bravery." ,the cats below let out yowls of congratulation, once the yowls died down he turned to Owl, "Owl, you have chosen the path of a hunter, you have trained well,and have learned the ways of the kingdoms, for many moons you have served your kingdom well and have proven your skills as a hunter." the kingdom let out yowls of approval, Hurricane-crown waved his tail, once the yowls died down, he continued "Owl, from this day on you shale known as Owl-pelt, the kingdom of spirits honers your skills and bravery" he finished, and jumped off of the stump, the kingdom stated chanting their names "Dancing-tail!, Owl-pelt!", Owl-pelt jumped down from the stump, and padded up next to her mother, Silver-mist, a purr was roaring in her cheats, her blue eyes gleaming with pride, " I'm so proud of you, Owl-pelt" purred silver mist, rubbing her muzzle on Owl-pelts shoulder, Owl-pelt let out a purr, "thanks", she then padded over to Deer-fur, who was puffing his chest out in pride, "Owl-pelt!", he padded up to her, warmth burning in his yellow eyes, "I couldn't of had a better trainer," purred Owl-pelt, giving him a friendly lick on his shoulder. She started walking toward Dancing-tail to see how she was doing. But before she got to far, Deer-fur called her back, "wait, Owl-pelt can I show you the hunters den?", "okay!" mewed owl pelt, as she padded up next to Deer-fur , "its much bigger than the trainees den" meowed Deer-fur, trying to sound convincing, Owl-pelt let out a marrow of laughter, "well duh! you fur ball" , Deer-furs eyes lightened, and he playfully swatted Owl-pelt over the ear. the two cats pushed through the thorny branches of the hunters den, it was long and wide, but not as tall as the trainees den, "hey ,Owl-pelt!" meowed Hawk-feather, a golden brown tom with yellow eyes, "he's my brother" meowed Deer-fur, "so is Eagle-talon, but he must be out hunting". Hawk-feather opened his jaws in a yawn "Why are you talking about that grumpy fur ball when you got me?" humor ringing in his voice, Owl-pelt let out a marrow of laughter. "Take it easy on him," meowed Birch-wing, a black and white she-cat who was grooming her self near the trunk of the bush, "he's only grumpy because you guys drive him crazy!" she shot a glance toward the two tom cats, then looked at Owl-pelt "nice to have another she-cat around, I've had about enough with all these mouse brained tom cats!" she cuffed Deer-fur over the ear. "surely you don't mean that" meowed Eagle-talon, who just padded in to the den. He gave Birch-wing a warm lick, then settled down next to her, "you weren't causing my mate any trouble, were you?" he glared at Deer-fur and Hawk-feather, "no, they were fine" purred Birch-wing, resting her tail on his flank, "hey Owl-pelt, since none of these mouse brained toms have asked you yet, would you like me to show you some good hunting grounds?" Birch-wing mewed, Eagle Talon shot her a glance, "what do you have against toms?" he snapped, Birch-wing let out a purr " my love, I was talking to your brothers" she gave him a comforting lick. "sure" meowed Owl-pelt jumping to her paws, "I think Stone-stripe is sending out a hunting patrol soon, we could tag along." "Okay" meowed Birch-wing, rising to her paws, shaking dry grass off her black and white pelt. The she-cats pushed through the thorny branches of the hunters den, the cold morning light pierced through Owl-pelts fur, making her shiver. "I will go talk to Stone-stripe, stay here" meowed Birch-wing, as she padded over to the dark grey tom. Owl-pelt couldn't help but over hear, " greetings, Birch-wing." meowed Stone- stripe, dipping his head, "greetings, have you sent out a hunting patrol yet?" asked Birch-wing, "yes, Blizzard-thorn, Oak-fang, Meadow, Sun-claw, and Leaf-foot just left, they are hunting near the Moss Oak if you wish to join them" he meowed, "thanks" meowed Birch-wing, she dipped her head then padded back to the clearing where Owl-pelt was sitting, "we can go" meowed Birch-wing, Owl-pelt nodded and followed Birch-wing out of the clearing. once they got to the Moss Oak, Owl-pelt saw Blizzard-thorn with three mice in her mouth, "beat that, Sun-claw!" she meowed through a mouth full of prey, "watch me!" he shot back, their was a rustle in a bush, Sun-claws ears shot up, he crept slowly toward the sound , then sprang into the bush, he came out holding a plump mouse in his jaws, "ha!" he meowed, humor ringing in his voice, "oh hi Owl-pelt and Birch-wing" meowed Oak-fang, "what brings you here?" asked Meadow, "we wanted to join the patrol" mewed Owl-pelt, "why are you here, Meadow?" asked Birch-wing "your training to be a healer, not a hunter." she added, "I know, I was collecting herbs for Misty-tail" mewed Meadow, picking up the herbs between her paws, Owl-pelt nodded, "wanna hunt?" meowed Leaf-foot, dropping the hawk he held in his jaws, "of course!" meowed Birch-wing, padding over to Leaf-foot. the bush beside Owl-pelt rustled, one paw step at a time, Owl-pelt crept toward the noise. she let each pad sink slowly onto the hard ground, so that her steps made no sound. Owl-pelt dropped into a hunting crouch, and was about to spring when, "SUN-CLAW!" the mouse scurried out of the bush and disappeared into the roots of the trees. hissing with anger, Owl-pelt spun around to see who ruined her catch. Blizzard-thorn exploded from the undergrowth and skidded to a halt. "The Kingdom Of Fire has moved their border! they put a new line of sent markers inside our territory!" she spat, fur standing on end, "where?" Sun-claw demanded. "I'll show you" with out waiting, Blizzard-thorn turned around and bolted back through the trees. "wheres Leaf-foot?" he called after her, "heading back to the kingdom to warn Hurricane-crown," she replied, Sun-claw turned to Meadow, "what about you, will you be able to keep up?" "of course!" she snapped, "okay," he glanced at Birch-wing, "stay with her at all times" Sun-claw ordered, he nodded to Owl-pelt, "come with me." Sun-claw raced after Blizzard-thorn, Owl-pelt following. Birch-wing pelted after them, Meadow at her side, her pelt bristling as she ran, had the Kingdom Of Fire really dared to move the border? Blizzard-thorn had led them back along the lake before veering into the forest and up a slope that lead to the Kingdom of Fires border, she skidded to a halt at the top, "here!" she gasped, flicking her tail to show the sent more clearly, Owl-pelt sniffed the nearest tree and wrinkled her nose, it was true, the Kingdom of Fire had marked on the Kingdom Of Rains trees!, "Isn't this the original border?" asked Meadow, "No!" hissed Sun-claw, "the border is there," he pointed his muzzle to the top of a larger hill about six tail lengths away. "did they think we wouldn't notice?!" spat Birch-wing, suddenly the strong sent of Kingdom Of Fire filled Owl-pelts nostrils, "Kingdom Of Fire nearby!" she warned, as she spoke, three Kingdom Of Fire knights stalked over to the hill and stood looking down at them, "Flame-cloud!" Sun-claw hissed, staring at the flame colored she-cat that lead the group, Owl-pelt recognized the other two cats from Triple Rock, Wasp-whisker and Silver-leg. "what are you doing in ,our, territory?" mocked Wasp-whisker, "your territory!" spat Leaf-foot, who just returned from the kingdom, "yes ,our, territory!" snarled Silver-leg, the prince of the Kingdom of Fire, Leaf-foot rushed forward, spitting. Sun-claw grabbed his tail in his teeth and yanked him backward, "you moved the borders!" Birch-wing spat, "we've taken what should be ours, and we will take more," Flame-cloud hissed, "the Kingdom of Rain is by far the smallest kingdom, and is in no need of all this land" Wasp-whisker added, Sun-claws ears flattened and he stalked up to boundary until he was only a tail length away from Flame-cloud, "if you want our territory, you'll have to fight for every step.", "oh I'm so scared of a few hunters, and a healers trainee!" silver-leg mocked, sarcasm ringing in his voice, Flame-clouds blue eyes glittered as more Kingdom of Fire cats began to appear over the hill, lining up like birds on a branch. Owl-pelts heart flipped over, it looked as though every Kingdom of Fire knight had come to fight. their muscles bulged under there pelts, their claws glinted as they flexed them against the hard ground. "get back to the kingdom and tell Hurricane-crown to bring help," Sun-claw whispered to Owl-pelt,"now!", Owl-pelt turned and raced away into the trees, she hated leaving the patrol behind, but without help the battle was already lost. "stop her!" hissed Silver-leg, Owl-pelt heard paw steps behind her, she glanced over her shoulder, two knights where racing after her, then she saw a flash of orange fur, Sun-claw had launched himself at one the knights, Flame-cloud let out a yowl and the air exploded as the two kingdoms charged, screeching into battle. Owl-pelt forced herself to run faster till she thought her heart would burst, paws pounded behind her, only one set now, thanks to Sun-claw. Owl-pelt dodged through a thick bramble bush, hoping her small size would let her escape the knight, but as she slipped out of the other side of the bush, she glanced back to see the fearsome tom thrusting his way through the bush with terrifying strength. Owl-pelt raced down the steep slope and pelted pass the Moss Oak, just a short way through the trees then a clear run to the kingdom entrance. The knights paw steps thundered even closer as Owl-pelt caught sight of the rocky entrance ahead, "help!" she wailed, claws raked her tail. the knight was at her heels, wild with terror, Owl-pelt let out a blood churning yowl, just then Dancing-tail lunged out of the bushes on to the attacker yowling with rage. Owl-pelt wished to help but was in no condition to fight, she looked back at Dancing-tail who was lashing out at the knights shoulder, she could handle him, with that she kept running, relieved to no longer have a snarling Kingdom of Fire knight at her heels, she skidded to a halt when she got into the kingdom, gathering all her breath she yowled "KINGDOM OF FIRE IS ATTACKING!" Hurricane-crown rushed to her side as soon as he saw her. "Leaf-foot told me they moved the borders" he growled, "Sun-claw took the hunting patrol to investigate" Owl-pelt took another deep breath, "but we walked right into an ambush!", Hurricane-crowns eyes widened with shock, "are they fighting now?", Owl-pelt nodded, her paws trembling at the thought of the hunting patrol fighting experienced knights. " Misty-claw, Robin-stripe,Stone-stripe, Grizzly-scar, Black-water, Yellow-star, Rain-cloud, Dusk-face, Sap-fur, flower-thorn, Rain-sky, Spirit-light, Birch-stripe, Wet-fur, Rain-star, Cold-leaf!" Hurricane-crown called to the knights who were already lashing there tails in anger, " the Kingdom of Fire have crossed the border, the hunting patrol is holding them off, but they need help." "should I bring Oak?" Misty-claw asked. "If he's battle ready," Hurricane-crown answered. Dancing-tail raced back into the kingdom "theirs one less knight to deal with!" she announced proudly "he wont want to fight again today", "good work!," Hurricane-crown turned to Blue-stripe,"I want you to stay and guard the Kingdom", Blue-stripe nodded, "yes, Hurricane-crown." Eagle-talon appeared from hunters den, "my mate is out there, I'm coming with you" Grizzly-scar stared at him in astonishment, "but your a hunter." , Eagle-talons neck fur bristled, "that never stopped me from clawing cats faces off!" he spat. "you may come, but don't take any risks" Hurricane-crown meowed, he looked at Owl-pelt, "are you fit to fight?", "but, I'm a hunter" she mewed, "are you fit to fight?" he repeated, "yes", "good" Hurricane-crown growled "you can lead us to to where this is all happening". Then he swept out of camp, his knights following, Owl-pelt raced by the patrol, ;I will fight with tooth and claw to defend my kingdom!; she thought to her self, her paws where now itching for battle. "always keep an eye out behind you!"Flower-thorn fell in behind her to give her some advise, "the Kingdom of Fire fights dirty. your fast and strong, even though your a hunter, your nimbler than most knights, use that to your advantage." As they neared the border, she heard screeches and yowls. "This way!" Owl-pelt called, as they plunged through the forest until she could see glimpses of teeth and claws flashing through the gaps in the trees. The Kingdom of Fire knights had surrounded the hunting patrol, Sun-claw was lashing out at every cat within reach. "Attack!" Hurricane-crown cried, and all of the Kingdom of Rain knights launched them self into battle. "head over here!" Dancing-tail called to Owl-pelt, she flicked her tail towards the edge of the fight, "look for Meadow first and do what you can to defend her." Owl-pelt nodded to her friend and pelted forward, scanning for the small healer. she spotted Eagle-talon and Birch-wing fighting side by side with Robin-stripe , fending off four Kingdom of Fire knights. Owl-pelts heart thudded as she searched for Meadows calico pelt, had she been wounded? Relief glimmered for a moment when she saw her hiding beside Misty-claw. the gray knight, ears flattened, her lips drawn back into a vicious snarl, raked a Kingdom of Fire knights tan flank, blood gushed out of the massive gash in the knights belly, he let out a blood churning yowl, then fled back towards the border. . "nice move! " Owl-pelt called to Misty-claw. As she spoke, two knights slammed into her, knocking her on the ground. The larger cat, a ginger tom, pressed her to the ground, while the smaller white she-cat reared on her hind legs, flexing her long claws ready to slam down on Owl-pelts head. gray fur blazed past Owl-pelt, as Dancing-tail flew at the white knight. she threw the she-cat backward, and slashed her cheek with a well aimed blow. Black-water leaped onto the ginger tom that was holding Owl-pelt down, he dug his claws deep in his flank, then bit down hard into the toms shoulder. The tom let go of Owl-pelt and reared backward. At once, Owl-pelt darted up behind him and knocked the tom off his paws. "nice move!" Black-water called to Owl-pelt, "he's not finished yet," Owl-pelt warned. The ginger tom was already back on his paws, hissing ferociously, but Owl-pelt and Black-water faced him side by side, slashing and jabbing with there forepaws, they drove him back toward the border, until he was painting and streaked with blood. Suddenly Owl-pelt spotted Wasp-whisker, stalking through the tall grass toward Dancing-tail. Dancing-tail still had the white she-cat pinned to the ground, unaware of Copper-foots stealthy approach. before Owl-pelt could warn her, Copper-foot leaped onto Dancing-tails back and grabbed her neck in his jaws. the white she-cat struggled from Dancing-tails grip and nipped at her paws until she fell to the ground. she vanished underneath the two snarling Kingdom of Fire knights. with out thinking Owl-pelt threw her self at Copper-foot, clamping her jaws around his tail, then bit down with all her strength. Copper-foot screeched and let go of Dancing-tail, Dancing-tail jumped to her paws, and whipped around to grab Copper-foot by the scurf. as she held Copper-foot in her jaws, she kicked backward, sending the white she-cat sprawling into the bracken. Then she flung Copper-foot with all her might against a tree, Copper-foot hit it with such force that the branches trembled and he fell to the ground, dead. seeing that Dancing-tail was safe, Owl-pelt turned back to see Meadow, she had expected to see her still standing next to Misty-claw, but she stood alone.. Misty-claw had left her undefended! "watch out!" Owl-pelt gasped, her heart lurching as she saw Silver-leg rushing up behind Meadow. Misty-claw was pulling a Knight off of Oak, Oak leaped to his paws, "go back and help Meadow!" he yowled to Misty-claw, "I can handle my self!" he lashed out with his front claws at a Knight and sent him screeching away with a blow that sprayed blood across the forest floor. Silver-leg was on top of Meadow, raking his claws along her flank, but Misty-claw wrestled him to the ground and pummeled his belly with thorn-sharp hind claws. Silver-leg yowled in pain, and Misty-claw let him flee across the border, "Drive the rest into the brambles!" Misty-claw ordered, "what!?" Wet-fur yowled in disbelief. "that will only make it harder to fight!" Dawn-face called, "harder for the Kingdom of Fire!" Dancing-tail yowled, "they don't have as much brambles in there territory" Owl-pelt agreed. Hurricane-crown nodded swiftly "there not used to fighting in the undergrowth!" he called. "do as Misty-claw says!" A ripple of meows filled the clearing, "Everyone, spread out behind me!" Stone-stripes order split the air. He turned around so that his back faced the border. The Kingdom of Rain cats drew away from their enemy long enough to reposition them around there prince. confused, The Kingdom of Fire stared at the wall of cats. "were trapped!" spat Flame-cloud, digging her claws in the ground. Owl-pelt grinned, "charge!" Hurricane-crown yowled, then Stone-stripe raced forward, his knights pelting by him on ether side, and they began to press The Kingdom of Fire deeper into The Kingdom of Rains territory, where a tangle of brambles covered the mountain floor. Owl-pelt spotted Meadow lashing out at Cinder, a Kingdom of Fire trainee. the shinny black trainee was just playing with Meadow, ducking her blows and teasing her with jabs and taunts, " look! the Kingdom of Rain is so desperate for knights they send out a HEALERS TRAINEE!" he smirked, Owl-pelt raced to Meadows side, "you are nothing but a coward!" she growled at Cinder, "here comes the HUNTER to save the day!" Cinder mocked, he lashed out and slashed Meadows muzzle. Meadow gasped with pain, but didn't back down, she flailed her unleashed claws clumsily at Cinder, tho she missed almost every time. "aim lower, and always keep your eyes on his claws" Owl-pelt whispered to Meadow. Meadow instantly aimed her blows downward and raked Cinders ear. "Yes!" she yowled, but as spoke Cinder rounded on her, knocking her off her paws. Owl-pelt jumped on Cinder, ripping him of of Meadow, she pinned him down and slashed his muzzle, spraying blood on the leafy ground. Cinder yowled with pain and retreated toward the border, Owl-pelt turned to Meadow, her muzzle was dripping blood. "are you alright?" she asked, Meadow nodded, "you fought well" Owl-pelt complemented. "thanks, you did to, you should be a knight" Meadow added shakily, "oh no, I'm fine with being a hunter" Owl-pelt shuffled her paws "thanks tho." Meadow shook her head, "I will never understand why knights love to get themselves in trouble like this! it only leads to more wounds!" Owl-pelt let out a marrow of laughter, "me ether." Owl-pelt pricked up her ears, the yowls of battle had died down, only a few mews where still heard, "it sounds like its safe to go back now" Owl-pelt meowed to Meadow, "good, when we get back to the kingdom make sure to let me check on your wounds," Meadow jumped to her paws and padded past Owl-pelt, Owl-pelt padded after her, happy to know the battle was over. "Owl-pelt!" Dancing-tail was running toward her, happiness gleaming in her eyes "we won our first battle! I'm so happy I could do it with you! " Dancing-tail rest her tail over Owl-pelts ruffled fur. "I'm glad we won as well!" Owl-pelt mewed happily, before she could say much more, she heard Hurricane-crowns yowl sounding from the front of the mob of cats, "cats of the Kingdom of Rain!" he spoke in a strong voice that made her ears twitch, "we have claimed back our territory! and have proven that you do not need the biggest Kingdom to still fight like knights!" he yowled, puffing out his chest. The cats around him all let out yowls of triumph, Stone-stripe yowling the loudest. "I would like to give thanks to Owl-pelt" he added, once the yowls died down, "thank spirits she got help so quickly." Owl-pelt felt the gazes of cats burning into her pelt, her ears were hot with embarrassment, "its Sun-claw you should thank, he is the one who sent me, any cat could have done it." Owl-pelt muttered. Dancing-tail nudged her with her paw, "go on!" she said in a whisper only Owl-pelt could hear. "Thanks, I ran as fast as I could," Owl-pelt finally mewed. Hurricane-crown nodded "is any cat servilely injured?" he meowed. "Robin-stripe twisted his paw" Blizzard-thorn yowled, she was standing next to the ginger striped tom as he licked his front paw. "its just a sprain" he reassured them "nothing I can't handle." Hurricane-crown turned to Eagle-talon "that looks like a bad cut on your shoulder." "It'll heal," Eagle-talon replied. "I lost a chunk of fur from my tail!" Black-water spat, "But it was worth it if the Kingdom of Fire thinks twice about stealing our territory again." Hurricane-crown looked toward the forest, "we need to make sure all the cats are gone" he mewed. "I'll check" Misty-claw offered. "are you injured?" he asked. "just a torn ear" she meowed. "then take Oak and Grizzly-scar with you and search beyond the Moss Oak" Hurricane-crown ordered, "make sure no cat went farther into our territory." Misty-claw, Oak, and Grizzly-scar raced away into the trees. Hurricane-crown turned to Sun-claw, Eagle-talon, Blizzard-thorn, Birch-wing, and Leaf-foot, "thank you for holding out till we came" he meowed. "thank you for coming so quickly," Leaf-foot replied. "we may be hunters, but all of us will fight with tooth and claw to defend our Kingdom" Sun-claw meowed, licking the scratch on his shoulder. "mouse brained Kingdom Of Fire, they never learn do they?" Blizzard-thorn muttered to her self, then continued cleaning her pelt. Hurricane-crown turned his head towards the forest "back so soon?" he asked as Misty-claw, Grizzly-scar, and Oak exploded from the bushes, followed by two other strange smelling cats, one was an well groomed white and ginger she-cat with sparkling hazel eyes, and the other was a small orange fluffy kit with an white under belly and bright blue eyes. the older she-cat jumped when she saw the blood covered cats glaring at her. "we found them hiding by the Moss Oak" Misty-claw panted, "they state that they where kicked out of her old hind walker nest and was looking for a place to stay" Oak added, flicking his tail towards the she-cat, out of breath. Grizzly-scar just glared at the two outsiders. "It's true, me and Molly have no ware to go and I'm not vary good at fighting, I just don't want any harm to come to my kit," the she-cat paused, her eyes clouded with grief, "shes my last one.." she looked down at Molly, "tho it looks like the wrong time to ask, what ever happened here?!" . "that's non of your business!" Rain-sky yowled, "So what!" Black-water spat at the same time, "you tell us some sob story and suspect us to just let you join our Kingdom? plus you are a collar cat!" Dancing-tail jumped up in the outsiders defense, "She has a kit for spirits sake!" she lashed her tail "whats the harm in giving a helpless cat a place to stay?! her kit could be raised as an knight or hunter, and she could help out in the kit den." Owl-pelt tilted her head, why did Dancing-tail care so much for this outsider? she pushed the thought back, and put her attention on Hurricane-crown who was looking carefully at the two cats, "before any more is to be decided, is every cat well enough to travel?" mummers rippled through the cats, "good, we will take the outsiders back to the Kingdom," he paused, yowls of disapproval echoed through the cats, "silence!" Hurricane-crown yowled lashing his tail, " until we are all well enough to decide as a kingdom, they will stay." It looked as if Black-water wanted to make a remark but was silenced by Hurricane-crowns meow, "that is my final dissension, Yellow-star and Flower-thorn, please escort Molly and her mother to the kingdom, every cat else, follow me" with that, he leaped off the rock he was standing on and started padding away in to the trees, Owl-pelt followed her king, along with the kingdom. Owl-pelt padded slowly through the branch less trees, the wind howled, blowing her fur the opposite direction, she shivered as an owl hooted from a near by tree. it had been a few moons after the battle with The Kingdom Of Fire, Oak was now a knight, Oak-claw, and Molly was being trained as an hunter, And her mother, Pixy, finally allowed Hurricane-crown to give Molly a kingdom name of Daisy. Owl-pelt was out on dusk hunting patrol with Ice-berry, Feather-star, Sand-spot, and Snow-fall. "this is pointless" Ice-berry whispered, "with this chill, every bit of prey in the mountain will be hiding in its warm den, witch I don't blame them for," she grunted. "shh!" snow-fall hissed,"I see something." she dropped in to a crouch and let her white belly fur touch the ground, slowly, she crept forward until she was in striking distance of the mouse. "squirrel!" Feather-star yowled as he flung him self at a squirrel scampering up the side of a tree, he missed and hit the trunk with a thud. with this, Snow-falls mouse bolted away in to the dead bushes. "Mouse brain!" Snow-fall hissed at feather-star, who was now on the ground licking his paw, "what? I said squirrel" he meowed in his defense, "that mouse was small any ways." A growl rumbled in Snow-falls throat, lashing her tail she spun around and stomped over to Sand-spot, who was siting on a rock grooming him self, a mouse at his paws. Owl-pelt had a plump finch clamped in her jaws, Ice-berry was carrying two mice by their tails, Feather-star finally caught a squirrel, and Snow-fall was yowling on about how she should have caught that mouse, still empty pawed. "come on Snow-fall! we cant go back to the kingdom until you have caught something! and my fur is about to freeze off!" Ice-berry complained, Snow-fall let out a snort "well I would have caught something if someone hadn't scared my prey away!" "oh your still yowling on about that?!" Feather-star yowled. "just catch a mouse for spirits sake" Owl-pelt muttered, "my paws are about to freeze off!" Ice-berry nodded her head in agreement. "how is she suppose to actually catch a mouse with all your yowling!?"Sand-spot meowed. every cat went silent,"thank you, Sand-spot" Snow-fall meowed, she whipped around to a near by tree and started to look under the roots, then she froze, only her rump in the air moving side to side, then she sprang forward, "there, I caught a mouse" Snow-fall muttered though a mouth full of fur. "good!" Feather-star grunted, Owl-pelt let out a sigh of relief, Sand-spot muttered something under his breath that she couldn't pick up. "Lets go!" Ice-berry meowed, as she turned around and started padding toward the kingdom, Snow-fall followed next, then the rest of the patrol. The walk back was tiring, and she had lodged a thorn in her pad, nothing Misty-tail couldn't fix but it still hurt. As the patrol descended into the kingdom Owl-pelt padded into the Healers den, she slid through the tall rocks that lead into the inside of the small cave. "Silver-mist?" Owl-pelt meowed to her mother, she was curled up in a ball around tiny scrap of winning fur, "why didn't you tell me?!" her blue eyes stretched wide, her mothers head shot up, "Owl-pelt! how could you not have noticed? I wasn't stuffing my self with mice you know!" she gave the fur ball a lick, "this is your new brother, Stone-kit." Owl-pelt looked at her mother confused, "I still don't understand why you couldn't have told me.." she muttered as she padded forward to see her new brother, Misty-tails voice cut her off, "so why did you come to my den, Owl-pelt?" Misty-tail padded towards her, "oh ya, I have a thorn stuck in my pad" she lifted the one with the thorn in it, "it's nothing really, just stings." Misty-tail was already chewing a strong scented leaf, "ohm-hum how long has it been in there?" she muttered through a mouth full of leaf, "oh not long at all, just on the way back from dusk hunting patrol" Owl-pelt meowed, she looked over at her brother, getting her first good look at him, he was light grey with small darker stripes going down his back, "ow!" she hissed as Misty-tail pulled out the thorn, her paw was covered in the chewed up leaf, "there, I suggest you wash off your paw before you go to your den" she meowed, "oh and how is your shoulder doing?" Misty-tail finished. "good, thank you, good night Silver-mist, Misty-tail, Stone-kit" Owl-pelt meowed on her way out. rning yowl of terror, a grey flash of fur shot out of the kingdom entrance and flew past Owl-pelt, Dancing-tail lunged for the Kingdom of Fire knight, the tom let out a surprised shriek, Owl-pelt slowed down, her breath coming in grate gulps. she turned ,and saw Dancing-tail chasing the Kingdom of Fire knight into the forest, snarling as if all of the cats in the Kingdom of Spirits ran beside her. Owl-pelt hurled into the Kingdom, "The Kingdom of Fire is attacking!" she puffed, Hurricane-crown was in the clearing talking with Blue-stripe, he raced

cats outside of the kingdom:
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Nice one!" Meowed Tail, as Owl pounced on a vole "Thanks" She meowed, and padded up to Tail, who was grooming her self by an old tree stump. "Looks like rain." Meowed Tail, pointing up with her muzzle, "Your right," Owl picked up the vole, "we should get back to the Kingdom.", Tail nodded in agreement. The two cats padded through the rocky territory, and through the two boulders that marked the entrance of the Kingdom. "Can you believe only a few more sun rises before we become knights!" Purred Tail, "and don't forget hunters you fur ball!" Purred Owl, placing the vole down on the prey stump, "Who you calling fur ball!" Meowed Tail, then jumped playfully on Owl, "Hey!" she yowled then playfully swatted at Tails ear. Tail dodged the blow ,rolling over in to Spring ,"Watch it!" he hissed "Are you really going to be knights?!", Owl and Tail straitened up, "Yes we are" meowed Tail, "and hunters" muttered Owl under her breath. "It sure doesn't look like it!" snorted Spring, "I don't understand why you would care!" spat Tail, "I care because its my Kingdom too, and we don't need a few kits getting under every cats paws!"spat Spring sharply. "Who are you calling kits! don't forget your a trainee too, and might as well be actually doing something for once instead of bickering at every cat you see!" hissed Tail, jumping to her paws,claws extended, Spring let out a snort of disgust and stomped into the trainees den. "The nerve of some cats!" hissed Tail, "Well you know spring" grunted Owl ,"For a second I thought you where going to rip his throat out." meowed Owl hesitantly "So did I." muttered Tail, she flicked her ear as the first few drops of rain came down. "Lets go" meowed Owl, trying to change the topic, "It's sick session and we don't want to come down with something in this rain", "I suppose." meowed Tail reluctantly. "I think the best part of becoming a knight will be having a different den then Spring!", Owl nodded, even though she knew that Spring would be moving to her den because he decided to be a hunter, like Owl. They pushed through the thick branches of the trainees den, Hawk and Winter were sleeping in the back of the bush, Water and Spring where sharing stories near the front , Oak was sharpening his claws on the trunk of the bush, and Cold and Light had padded up to join Spring and Water, now talking about how Spring once fought off a small fox. Owl curled her tail, it wasn't unlike Spring to be gloating about the one time he actually did something. Owl and Tail padded to the back of the bush to settle down, the sight of her grassy bed made Owl realize how tired she actually was, Tail curled up next to a clump of bracken, resting her tail on her nose, Owl curled up as well, sleep soon covered her like a warm black wave... Owls pelt looked white in the dawn light flooding into the trainees den, outside she could hear the constant muttering of cats. A faint yowl sounded from the kit den. Owls ears shot up instinctively, she yawned then got up and stalked out of the warm den, she nodded a hello to Bark-tail and Deer-spot as they passed by. As soon as she padded into the kit den she saw that Ice-flower, a former princess, had given birth to another litter of kits. Misty-tail, the kingdom healer, and Rain-star, her mate, where standing over Ice-flowers kits, licking each kit intensity to keep them warm. Misty-tail spotted Owl and gestured with her tail to come in "take this and lick" Misty-tail muttered through a mouth full of fur and passed over a small gray kit with white paws and a white spot on its back, she began licking, the kit let out a few small whimpers as she lapped up the kits could fur, when Owl stopped the kit felt much warmer from when she began. "excellent" meowed Misty-tail, Rain-star nodded too Owl in thanks, "have you named them yet?" meowed Owl, " yes" meowed Ice-flower, "this one is Bird-kit" pointing to a light gray kit. "and Ice-kit" a small white kit with grey flecks around its face and back. "Snow-kit" a fluffy light grey kit with a white patch on her chest "and Rain-kit" the small grey and white kit Owl was given. "there beautiful" muttered Owl "yes they are" meowed Rain-star, rubbing his muzzle on Ice-flowers flank, Owl waved a good bye with her tail and padded out of the den. she over heard Hurricane-crown sending out a patrol to get more bedding for the grey chins "trainers" he meowed "go find your trainees, they will be happy to help." he finished then padded into his den, Owls trainer was Deer-fur ,one of the best hunters in the kingdom, not long after she spotted him, and padded up to greet him "morning" Owl meowed " ready to go collect moss" he meowed, a bit of humor in his voice. Owl nodded and headed out of the clearing with Tail, Cold-leaf, Spring, Grizzly-scar, Oak, and Blizzard-thorn. they padded along until they reached a cluster of tall oak trees covered in moss, Owl used her claws to tear moss from the trunk of the oak tree and began patting it in to a ball to take back to the kingdom. Oak was doing training lessons with Blizzard-thorn, and Spring was just sharpening his claws on the tree trunk, not collecting moss. Owl would much rather be hunting with Deer-fur or exploring with Tail than collecting moss for the grey chins, but the job wasn't too boring when you had a friend to share it with. casting a mischievous glance at Tail, who was gathering moss from another tree nearby, she hooked up the moss ball with her claws and hurled it at Tail. It landed accurately in the middle of her back, covering her pelt with scraps of moss. Tail spun around to face her "hey!" Tails eyes gleaming with laughter, Tail scooped up her own moss ball and flung it at Owl. Owl dodged behind a tree to avoid it, crashing strait in to Spring. "whats going on?" demanded Spring "what are you doing!" he snapped. "collecting moss for the grey chins, of course" Owl replied. Tail hurled around a tree with more moss on her claws ready to fling, then skidded to a halt when she saw Spring. "collecting moss? so I see" Spring used his tail to flick a peace of moss off of Tails shoulder. "carrying it back on your pelts I see." he snickered, "we were only having a bit of fun." Tail said as she put down the moss "fun?!" snapped Spring. "wasting time is what I'd call it!" "okay, okay." Owl could feel her neck fur bristle, "theirs no need for you to treat us like lazy kits!" snapped Tail, "stop behaving like lazy kits, then!" Spring flashed back at her, anger burning in his hazel eyes "If you are going to be knights or hunters that means putting the kingdoms needs first, not play time." , Owl could feel her fury razing like a wave "and you think we don't know that!" she spat "I have been a trainee moons longer than you! yet still you treat me as if I am a kit!" she hissed, her eyes like blue fire targeted on spring. He let his lips back in a snarl, showing rows of yellow teeth. "we'll get the moss okay? you don't need to hassle us" she added more calmly, but claws still extended. Spring twitched his tail "okay, but be as quick as you can. and make sure the gray chins have plenty of prey." with out waiting for a reply he turned and stalked off toward Grizzly-scar, who was over with Oak and Blizzard-thorn. "feed the grey chins your self!" spat Owl. If Spring herd her, he didn't show it. he just carried on walking until the mossy trees hid him from sight. "take it easy" Tail meowed. "he's just trying to get under every cats fur."she added, "he should do more him self , instead of striding around giving orders." Owl grumbled. "if he thinks I'm collecting moss for him, he can think again! I'm going hunting!" Owl spun around and raced in to the mountain. Behind her she herd Tail calling her name, but she was too furious to slow down. Part of her wanted to launch her self at Spring and rip the smug look of his face, while part of her knew she couldn't, she was training to be a hunter not a knight, Tail could rip his face off but kingdom members cant be harmed by other kingdom members. with these troubled thoughts churning in her head she hardly noticed where her flying paws where taking her. it was too late when she saw a thorn bush looming up in front of her. she tried to skid to a halt but she was already flying head first into the bush. "mouse brain!" she spat to her self, thorns tugged at her fur as she tried to wiggle her self free. she couldn't bear the indignity of Spring coming up to find her stuck. Digging her claws into the ground, she manged to drag her self out of the bush, leaving scraps of silver fur on the thorns. scrambling up, she saw that trees around her were unfamiliar, huge gray trunks with vines of ivy, suddenly the strong smell of the Kingdom of Fire flared in her nostrils. "Owl! watch out!" Tails gasp of alarm came from close behind her. she spun around, her pelt standing on end. Just beyond the thorn bush was a fox den, Owls heart started to pound as she spotted the reddish brown face of a fox poking out of the den. Owl watched in horror as the fox steeped out of its den, is jaws parted in a snarl and its eyes gleamed with hunger. "back away slowly" Tails quit meow came from close by. Owls legs felt as if they had turned to stone, but she forced her self to take one step back. At once the fox sprang forward. Owl raised her claws in defense, but at the same moment a flash of grey fur flung its self between Owl and the fox. it was Tail, slashing at the creature's muzzle with both forepaws. Tail let out a fearsome hiss, but the fox stood its ground. It flung its head towards Tail, jaws snapping. Owl flung her self at the fox with a furious yowl and racked her claws down the side of its face. It reared up throwing Owl off, she hit the ground with a thud that drove the breath out of her. when she scrambled to her paws she saw Tail on the ground battering the fox with her back paws, as the fox tried to bite down on her neck. Owl sprang again, claws stretched toward the throat of the fox. As the fox rounded on her,she glimpsed Tail trying to drag herself away, with her neck pouring blood. While her attention was on Tail, the fox snapped at her, digging its teeth into Owls flesh. The bite marks stung fiercely, and every muscle throbbed. She longed to creep back to her soft nest under the hazel bush. But she couldn't give up hope yet, she kicked fiercely with her hind paws at the foxes throat, making it louse its grip, as soon as Owl felt the foxes grip loosen she flung her self at the ground, then turned to face the fox. the foxes neck was gushing blood ,and looked as if the wind would blow down the mighty creature, the fox gave Owl a long stare,then darted off into the kingdom of fires territory. Owl let out a yowl of triumph then went to check on Tail, "are you alright?," Owl muttered to Tail, Tail nodded, then got up shakily, Owl let her lean on her side for support. "what do you think Spring will say?" chocked Tail, "who cares what that mangy fur ball says" muttered Owl "lets tell him we scared off a fox, that should get his attention", the two she-cats let out a marrow of laughter as they padded back to the rest of the patrol. Oak let out a startled squeak when he saw the blood covered she-cats padding up to him "what happened!" he yowled, "fox." panted Tail "we took care of it tho", " I see" meowed Deer-fur, "great spirits! what happened!" yowled Blizzard-thorn, "a fox attacked them!" meowed Oak, Grizzly-scar nodded, "a fox!" snorted Spring "no fair! I should have chased it away, not them!", Grizzly-scar shot him a glance telling him to stop. Cold-leaf padded up with a shocked look on her face, "should I even ask?" she meowed uncertain, "fox." snorted Grizzly-scar ,"now if that's all of us ,I suggest we get a move on before the fox comes back!" Grizzly-scar
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