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No description

Angelina Marti

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Decimals

By: Danni, Angelina, Kassidy, and Logan

Subtracting Decimals
By: Logan Haynes
To subract decimals is really not that hard
Step one: Line up the decimals (Example)--> 1.89

Step two: Bring the decimal down (Example)--> 1.89
Step three: Finish your problem; subtract (Example)--> 1.89
Step 1: start with:
0.03 × 1.1

Step 2: multiply without decimal points:
3 × 11 = 33

Step 3: See how many places to the right there are:
0.03 has 2 decimal places,
and 1.1 has 1 decimal place,
so the answer has 3 decimal places:

Well now you know that decimals really are easy to understand. You know the steps, and don't worry if you don't get it the first time; just keep trying. NO MATTER WHAT. Be ready to be called smarty-pants because you are gonna be so smart now. Now you are ready for any uphill battle. GOOD LUCK!
Introduction to decimals

Decimals are a way to count little itty bitty pieces of whole numbers.
Kind of like fractions but way different.
Decimals are used in different ways and also in different places
We use decimals everyday and sometimes don't always realize it.
For example, we use it while counting money.
Adding decimals
First you have to line up the decimals.
Then you can go ahead and add.
As simple as 1,2,3.

Example: 1
By Kassidy Jackson
Haynes, Logan
Trial for Logan Haynes:
August 23rd, 1920
Case on: Learning decimals in class

Found out its not hard.
Really its super simple.
Keep watching and you'll see
Convert the number you are dividing by to a whole number first, by moving the decimal point of both numbers to the right:

Now you are dividing by a whole number and you can continue as normal.
Decimal by decimal
Decimal by whole number
Use division and ignore the decimal
Then put the decimal point in the same spot as the dividend (the number being divided).
Well at least they know
how simple decimals really are right?
Haynes Evidence:
Found his work in the trashcan.
Danni's coffee
Freddy the rat :)
He says bye
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