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The Greco-Persian Wars

No description

Fernando Domènech

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of The Greco-Persian Wars

The Greco-Persian Wars also called the Median Wars All started when the Ionians
revolted and other poleis joined in the war exploded At the Battle of Marathon, an army
of 11,000 men defeated a Persian
army twice that number. Then the Persians defeated
the Spartan troops at Thermopylae
and occupied Athens Thermopylae...You have heard of Leonidas and 300 Spartans? After the defeat, the Greeks
proceeded to develop a navy To understand the Greek success, you need to know what a trirreme
was and its effectiveness in naval combats When? in 490 BC When? in 480 BC Certainly, I have ;-) The Greek armada defeated
the Persians in Salamis When? In 480 We can see the Greek strategy
in this video In 478 BC the Delian League was created and led by Athens to
prevent attacks from the Persians You fancy seeing it with
the best videogame technology?
Just click Are you familiar with
the motto Molon Labe? Let's get into the battle now!
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