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salome ebanoidze

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of aegee


Intercultural Exchange

Personal Development and Non Formal Education

Thematic Projects

Advocacy and Policy

Forum for Discussion
Governing Bodies
AGORA _ general assembly
Comité Directeur - executive board

Working Groups
Working Groups and Project Teams carry out the thematic work of AEGEE-Europe. AEGEE members from all over Europe share common interests.
To express their visions and share their knowledge and experience international working groups are created, organizing discussions, conferences and other events in their topics in different
countries of Europe.
Founded in 1985 in Paris
Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations.
As a non-governmental,
politically independent,
and non-profit organisation
AEGEE is open to students
and young people from all faculties
and disciplines
by Franck Biancheri
13000 members
200 cities
40 countries
All the above mentioned bodies are governed and coordinated by AEGEE’s main institutions: the Agora, which is AEGEE’s General Assembly, and the executive board of AEGEE-Europe called the Comité Directeur. The Chair is responsible for AEGEE’s statutory meetings, the Agora and the European Boards’ Meeting.
cultural working group
Creating a space where people can give “culture” their own interpretation and meaning, a space where they can exchange their knowledge, build up projects and learn about culture in a new way.
Raising awareness of cultural differences and similarities

education working group
Supporting student mobility in Europe

Gathering and spreading information about other educational and exchange programs and possibilities
Providing information that could help students build their future careers
Creating an informational network about the social and academic conditions at universities all around Europe
En W G
environment working group
Becoming a more sustainable association, by promoting and supporting sustainable events and raising awareness of environmental issues
Raising awareness of the state of our planet
Discussing solutions that can be achieved
Collecting information on the sustainability of our network

Human Rights Working Group
Informing young people about human rights and about the related problems that still exist in Europe today, in order to make them aware of the topic and the current situation

Fostering cooperation between AEGEE and NGOs working with target minority groups, in order to exchange work experiences in this field and to create a sustainable society in which human rights are not an exception
Sports Working Group
Promoting physical activity within our Network
Helping to unite all nationalities and eradicate racism
Collaborating with antennae to increase physical activity
Making AEGEE members more active, using the power of sports to bring people together
Visa Freedom Working Group
Striving against visa within Europe
Providing travellers with useful tips for applying for VISA from and to the countries of the geographic Europe ''Fighting“ and lobbying for the simplification, clarification, and transparency of the whole visa procedure
Developing projects and activities on the topic of visas and visa fees abolition, equal rights in visa procedures and information providing
Facilitating the granting of visas to AEGEE members, through raising the awareness of embassies from the Schengen countries and other target countries of the possibilities
offered by AEGEE events to visa appliers
Language Working Group
Raising awareness in AEGEE about the importance of language learning and multilingualism, the multilingual heritage of Europe and the linguistic rights and regional languages.
Encourage members to learn more languages and reach a higher level in the languages they already speak.
Provide people with skills to become better language learners.
International Politics Working Group
Raising awareness of current political issues in the student world
Making it completely understandable that “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” (Pericles)
Giving members the chance to express their opinions throughout various actions, such as debates, local events, training courses, workshops, simulation games
Commissions & Committees
Commissions and Committees have a supportive role in AEGEE:
Committees share much characteristics with working groups, but instead of contributing to AEGEE’s fields of action directly, they help the other bodies by providing them services, information, infrastructure and materials needed to fulfill their tasks.
The aim of the Commissions is to supervise the accomplishment of the rules which direct the functioning of AEGEE.
Audit - Audit Commission
JC - Juridical Commission
Medcom - Mediation Commission
Netcom - Network Commission
ACT - Action Agenda Committee
CRC - Corporate Relations Committee
EC - Events Committee
HRC - Human resources Committee
ITC - Info. tech. Committee
PRC - Public Relations Committee
Summer University Project

Eastern Partnership Project

Y Vote 2014


Europe in Exchange


Youth unEmployment

held twice a Year _ Autumn Agora and Spring Agora
different antenna each time
Elects candidates for positions at the European level
ratifies the establishment or deletion of antennae, working groups and projects .

European Boards Meeting
held in late winter
develops Strategic Plan in an Action Agenda for the whole AEGEE network.
develops projects and campaigns
Policy Officers
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