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Marie Curie

No description

Anna Lee

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Marie Curie
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
- top student in her secondary school
- could not attend the University of Warsaw ( only for men )
went to "floating school"
- wanted to go aboard and get an official degree
lack of financial resources to support more schooling
- work out a deal with her sister ( Broyna)
worked as a governess and tutor for 5 years
- traveled to the U.S to receive a gift ( radium ) from President Warren G. Harding with her daughter
- went to the Sancellemoz Sanatorium in Passy, France to rest and regain her strength
- July 7,1934
died of aplastic anemia
- were interred in the Pantheon
-Irene won a Nobel Prize in chemistry for discovery of new artificial radioactive elements
1920s ~1930s
- moved to France
- enrolled to Paris - Sorbonne University (1891)
- completed master's degree (1893)
- earned a degree in mathematics (1894)
- was commissioned to study magnetic properties of steels
- colleague introduced her to Pierre Curie (physicist)
needed as laboratory to work in
- got marry to Pierre (1895)
- Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-ray
- Antoine Henri Becquerel discovered radiation from uranium
-discovered new radioactive element : Polonium, Radium
- got fellowship and a monograph on her field
- first daughter : Irene (1897)
- became first women to receive the Novel Prize (physics)
- was awarded the Davy Medal from Royal Society of London ( with her husband )
- second daughter : Evé
- her husband Pierre was ran over by horse-drawn wagon
- to cover Pierre's post, Marie started teaching
first female professor in Sorbonne
-received another Nobel Prize in chemistry (script-for extracting pure radium)
- during World War 1 spent her time equipping a car with portable X-ray machine (1914)

1900s ~ 1910s
- Maria Sklodowska
- Warsaw, Poland
- November 7, 1867
- youngest of 5 children
- parents were both teacher
father : math/physics instructor

- polonium
( named after Marie's native country - Poland)
- radium
- the word " radioactivity"
- Little Curie: portable X-ray machine

- first woman to receive Nobel Prize
- first person to win Nobel Prizes twice ( 2 fields : physics, chemistry)
- first female professor in Sorbonne Institution
- Davy Medal from Royal Society
mother : private school headmistress
- Catholic
-Sofia died from typhus
- mother died from tuberculosis

How are Polonium used
- emits blue glows
- release 140W/g
- can reach above 500 degrees Celsius
- eliminate static electricity
- anti-static brushes to eliminate dust on films
How are Radium used
- emits green glow
- luminous paint
- cancer treatment
- in 19th century, was used added to toothpaste , hair creams , food
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