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Farnsworth Vocab

No description

Lance Evans

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocab

Lament Cacophony Bulwark Austere Aloof Cerebral Incongruous Chattel Connoisseur Expunge To Mourn or Grieve Tom Brady lamented the loss to Baltimore in the AFC Championship Ugly or Jarring Sounds The construction site produced a cacophony. A First Line of Defense Bama's bulwark is the best at stopping the run in the country. Stern or Strict The nun was very austere when teaching the children. Not Friendly or Outgoing A very intelligent person Albert Einstein, being a very cerebral person, created the theory of relativity. Sticking out The horse and buggy were very incongruous in the city traffic. A person's personal property. The classic car collector had much chattel made by Chevrolet. Someone very knowledgeable in a subject My grandma is a wine connoisseur. To erase I often expunge words when I am typing. The veteran was very aloof after returning from the war. Asunder Incite Evade Efface Frank Abagnale evaded capture for many years. Impede Trenchant Forbear Migratory In pieces The puzzle was asunder when it came out of the box. To Start Pearl Harbor incited the United States to join World War II. To Avoid To Erase I used my eraser to efface the mistake. Roster List of Names Available The roster listed all of the football players by position. Procrastinate Wait until later Many people procrastinate doing their homework until midnight before it is due. To prevent or hinder The bulwark impeded the advancing troops movement. Insulting or offensive The trenchant gesture was cause for the fan to be removed from the stadium. To resist or hold back The coach forbore telling his team about his decision to leave until after the playoffs. Often moving Canadian Geese often migrate south in formation. Week 1 Week 2 Reminisce Histrionic Quixotic Arduous Dulcet Porcine Opportune Milieu Bludgeon Week 3 To Remember the Past The old men like to sit and reminisce the glory days they had back in nam. Excessively Dramatic Tierra from The Bachelor uses many histrionic antics to get Sean's attention. Very Impractical- Especially in Ideals Don Quixote had a very quixotic view of his ability to revive chivalry. Backbreaking, Grueling Square-baling hay is an arduous task. Ear-pleasing and sweet-sounding The judges on The Voice listen for the most dulcet voice. Beleaguer To bother or tease The man was beleaguered by the IRS about not paying his taxes. Similar to swine, looking like swine Dudley was very porcine, which caused Hagrid to attempt to turn him into a pig. Well chosen or coming at a good time The Powerball winner picked an opportune time to buy a ticket. Atmosphere or Setting Baltimore was a milieu of excitement after the Super Bowl. Club The caveman carried around a bludgeon for protection. Askew Cubism Enrage Propulsive Cranny Ballistics Ambiance Lassitude Coterie Girth Week 4 Ship Run Aground. Digital Image. Google Images. Emmitsburg. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Bullet in Barrel. Digital Image. Google Images. Spirit of Baraka. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Twinkie. Digital Image. Google Images. Discovery. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Ballistics Report. Digital Image. Google Images. Front Sight. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Dungeon. Digital Image. Google Images. Best Game Walpapers. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Ironman Winner. Digital Image. Google Images. The Fun Times Guide. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Full Bar. Digital Image. Google Images. NJ. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Dog Stuck in Dog Door. Digital Image. Google Images. John Lund. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Not Straight Art in which the subject is shown by shapes, especially cubes Make Mad Having power to propel Narrow Space The science of the mechanics of flight Tone or Mood Lack of Energy A Group of Friends Circumference The line was askew. Pablo Picasso used cubism in his paintings. The captain's boss became enraged after he ran the ship aground. The propulsive force of the burning gunpowder propelled the bullet out of the gunbarrel. The man used the cranny in the cupboard to hide his Twinkie stash. The murder detective used the ballistics report to determine the caliber of the gun used in the murder. The dungeon had an ominous ambiance. The man suffered from severe lassitude after he won the Ironman Triathalon. The man went to the bar with his coterie after work. The dog's immense girth caused it to become lodged in the dog door. Crooked Line. Digital Image. Google Images. Senior Ark. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Cubism. Digital Image. Google Images. MDC. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Week 5 Aptitude Irascible Gossamer Giddy Cower Queue Chronic Harrowing Laconic Endure A+ Spelling Test. Digital Image. Google Images. 123RF. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Angry Dog. Digital Image. Google Images. Miami Resort Injury Lawyer Blog. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Young Boy on Swingset. Digital Image. Google Images. Deposit Photos. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Guilty Dog. Digital Image. Google Images. Dog University. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Lunch Line. Digital Image. Google Images. Trotwood Elementary school. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Back Pain. Digital Image. Google Images. American Health Journal. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Barking Dog. Digital Image. Google Images. Wikipedia. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Mime. Digital Image. Google Images. Mime the Gap. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Dog Wants In. Digital Image. Google Images. Dog Picture Site. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Ability Short-Tempered, Grumpy Something Light or Delicate, Spiderweb Having sensation of whirling, feeling dizzy Shrink back in fear Line Long-Lasting Cause Distress Saying few words Tolerate The student had a great aptitude for spelling. The dog became irascible after missing her walk in the morning. The spider rested on the gossamer in the basement The boy was giddy after getting off of the swing set. The dog cowered away from its owner after eating all of the chocolate chip cookies. The kids stood in a queue to get their lunch. Many people suffer from chronic back pain. The dog's barking created a harrowing sound. The mime was very laconic during his show. When the family could endure the dog barking no longer, they let her in. Spiderweb in Basement. Digital Image. Google Images. National Park Service. Web. 19 February 2013.
<http://images.google.com>. Iceberg. Digital Image. Google Images. The Iceberg Festival. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Teacher. Digital Image. Google Images. Wythesville Community College. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Trophy. Digital Image. Google Images. PSD Graphics. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Caucus. Digital Image. Google Images. Denver Post. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Cubicle of Twinkies. Digital Image. Google Images. IB Times. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com C Grade. Digital Image. Google Images. Public Photos Domain. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com AP English Essay. Digital Image. Google Images. Education. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Camel. Digital Image. Google Images. turbosquid. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Noxious Gas. Digital Image. Google Images. Seattle Times. Web. 3 March 2013.
<http://images.google.com Atrophy Harangue Demonic Accolade Caucus Myriad Proficient Grandiloquent Dromedary Noxious Decrease in Size or Wasting Away Long and Aggressive Speech Evil Award Meeting of a political party to make decisions large amount Skilled Showy Camel Injurious The iceberg atrophied. The man was harangued by his boss. The demonic teacher assigned lots of pointless homework. The man was given accolades for his book. The Republican Party held a caucus. The man had a myriad of Twinkies. The student was scored as proficient. The teacher likes grandiloquent essays. The dromedary walked across the desert. The noxious gas smelled bad. Yelled At. Digital Image. Google Images. Burg Simpson. Web. 3 March 2013.
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