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Summer Safety

No description

Catherine Q

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Summer Safety

Summer Safety
Heat Stress & Sun Protection
Signs of Dehydration
Preventing Bug Bites
Don't use scented soaps, perfumes, or hair sprays.
Swimming is a great recreational sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But it’s important to know how to be safe while you’re in the water.
Always swim with a buddy; do not allow anyone to swim alone.
Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.
Walk slowly in the pool area. Don't run.
Swim at a depth that is safe for you. If you're just learning to swim, stay in the shallow end.
Avoid dressing in bright colors or flowery prints.
Avoid areas where bugs flourish like stagnant waters, uncovered food and blooming flowers.
Know the Symptoms
Bug bites can spread many diseases. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms and the type of bug that spreads them to protect yourself and others.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease [spread by deer ticks]:
During the early stages, flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain
Rash can be circular, triangular, or oval-shaped rash
Arthritis - swollen joints after a couple weeks without being treated with antibiotics
Dehydration - when there's not enough water in your body
Preventing and Treating Dehydration
How to Stay Safe at the Pool
Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation,
which causes premature aging of the skin,
wrinkles, cataracts, and skin cancer.
The amount of damage from UV exposure
depends on the strength of the light,
the length of exposure, and whether
the skin is protected.
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"From Sunburns to Bug Bites - Safety Tips for the Summer Months." Penn Medicine: The Chester County Hospital. N.p., 1 July 2010. Web. 01 July 2014.
Keeping Your Skin Healthy
Insect repellent with DEET are most effective against ticks and mosquitoes.
UV rays are most intense between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you're unsure about the sun's intensity, take the shadow test: If your shadow is shorter than you, the sun's rays are the day's strongest.
A wide brim hat is ideal because it protects the neck, ears, eyes, forehead, nose, and scalp.
Sunglasses don't have to be expensive, but they should block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation.
the way to treat dehydration is to replace the water that were lost to restore fluid levels to normal
drink lots of water, especially during hot weather or physical activity
each person should drink 2/3 of their body weight in ounces each day
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dry or sticky mouth
few or no tears when crying
eyes that look sunken into the head
lack of bodily fluids
cool, dry skin
fatigue or dizziness
Wild Fire
Preventing a Wild Fire
Symptoms of West Nile Virus [spread by infected mosquitoes]
Signs include fever, headache, body aches, skin rash and swollen lymph glands
Sever symptoms may include stiff neck, sleepiness, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions and paralysis
Never leave a campfire unattended
Make sure fires are completely distinguished before leaving by dousing it with water
Do not discard matches, or smoking materials from moving vehicles, or on park grounds
"Wildfire Safety Tips." National Geographic. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 June 2014.
"Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatment." WebMD. WebMD, 17 Jan. 0075. Web. 29 June 2014.
"Hydration: Why It's So Important." Health Education. American Academy of Family Physicians, n.d. Web. 01 July 2014.
Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be used outdoors.
Never leave your grill unattended.
The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
When you are finished grilling, let the coals completely cool before disposing in a metal container.
1. Signs of ________ include _
__ or sticky mouth, lack of bodily fluids, ____ and ___ skin, and ______ or dizziness.

Sunlight contains ________ radiation, which causes _______ aging of the skin.

3. Avoid dressing in ______ colors or ______ prints. Insect repellent with ____ are most effective against ticks and mosquitoes.

4. ______
and ______ BBQ grills should only be used outdoors. Never leave your grill _______.

5. Swim in _________ ____ supervised by lifeguards.
Walk _____ in the pool area. If you're just learning to swim, stay in the ______ end.
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