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Alexander Gustave Eiffel

Designed the Eiffel Tower Great engineer

cristy torres

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Alexander Gustave Eiffel

Alexandre designed the Eiffel Tower.
This was probably one of the most memorable
structures he has ever worked on. The Eiffel Tower is 300 meters tall or 984 feet.
It used about 15,000 iron pieces.
There was a lot of controversy, people did'nt feel like it fit their culture.
This structure took approximately two years to complete. This extraordinary structre was'nt supposed to last, only until the end of the celebration. Aexander had actually won a contest. Many other amazing engineers enterd in it, but Alexandre won.
The contest was to see who would build their structure in celebration
The celebration was for The French Revolution in 1789 Althought Alexandre did not build The Statue of Liberty
he had a huge part in the designing of it. People call him the "Structural Engineer" of it all. Alexander was born in Dijon on December 15, 1832. After graduation, Eiffel began to specialize in metal construction, especially bridges. His projects. Bridge over the Tisza near Szeged (Hungary). Alexander Gustave Eiffel studied civil engineering at the "Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures" Alexander died on December 27 1923. lexander It was released to the public on July 4th 1885. Alexander had a wife. Her name was Marie Gaudelet.
They were happily married for 15 years until she died. She died of pneumonia. The End Alexandre was born into a family of scientists. Gustave Eiffel by: Cristy Torres His life Interested in construction at an early age He worked on several metal construction over the next few decades, letting mathematics find ways to build lighter, stronger structures. La Ruche Maria Pia Bridge The reasons I like it:
- Original idea
- Creative style
- His work
- brave in his ideas
- inspiration
- admired all around the world.
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