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Solar Communities

No description

bart van oort

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Solar Communities

Solution Giving citizens a say and a stake Citizen participation Produce, organize and manage sustainable energy for all members What can Tauw do? Leads & prospects Hoekschewaard
EU subsidie (IEE) Stef van der Zee & Bart van Oort Solar Communities Case: Municipality Lochem citizens want energy from sustainable sources citizens resist sustainable energy projects Dilemma to be independant of fossil fuels Spain: Som Energia sccl France: Enercoop New and innovative
High expectations People work
Money Contents Proces Technology
Organization Ambition
Plano Self-generation and use of renewable energy.
Members take responsibility.
Certainty about the price of renewable energy
Power generation without the profits 'being wasted'.
An investment in cooperative energy contributes to the community. Proces approach Steering Group Core Group Working Groups Finance
Communication Business plan Definition Solar Communities It is a means to an end
always a line to the local goals
structure for solving local problems
small amount of profit
to be independant Speeding up the energy transition by
preparation, development, (co-) financing, construction and / or operate of a profitable mix of local projects around far-reaching
energy efficiency and sustainable energy. Pro's Conditions Why? Why? but Partnership between
citizens, businesses
and local (Public) institutions. Bringing companies together that deliver energy housing corporation
industrie Like... that provide services to support the use
of renewable energy Energie Gas / elektraverbruik totaal
- Verbruik van grote apparatuur
- CV-ketel / airco
- Elektromotoren (lopende band)
Warmte / koude verlies
Accu laad systeem
Toepassen / inkoop duurzame energie Gebouw Comfort
Isolatie (gevel, dak)
Natuurlijk/artificial licht
Efficient inrichten Verlichting (TL)
PC-verbruik (standby)
Printes, faxen ed.
Lichtplan Licht en ICT Water en sanitair Verpakkingen en afval Waterverbuik totaal
Toilletten Verpakkingsmateriaal totaal
Recycelbaarheid verpakkingen
Inzamelpunten, containers etc.
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