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Center for First Year Students

New Jersey Institute of Technology guide to first year programs and services through the Center for First Year Students and the Dean of Students

Leo Pedraza

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Center for First Year Students

Center for First Year Students
The Center for First Year Students supports both first year and transfer students in the successful completion of their first year of study.

The Center is a clearing house for all questions and concerns new students may have about academic and social aspects of college during their first year.
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Placement Testing &
AP Credit
We make sure that you are placed in correct math course through testing.

Since math is a significant basis for your major, this ensures that you will be placed in a course at your appropriate level.

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First Year Connections 1.0 (FYC 1.0)
First part of orientation, one-day program
Monday June 2, 9, 16, 23
You and 1049 people will like this.
FYC allows you to get the information you need early, meet with your academic advisor, and get registered for classes early in the summer.

FYC 1.0
Meet other students early on – feel connection to NJIT.
Campus life for Residents/Commuters, Public Safety.
Supported by 20 peer leaders, upperclassman who are experts at NJIT – your best resources during the FYC experience.
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Parent Connections
Provides valuable information for parents while student attends FYC 1.0.
Hear from various departments, such as Financial Aid, Bursar, Residential Life, Commuter Assistance Resource Services, Public Safety, Career Development, and Health Services.
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Parent Connections
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FYC 2.0
FYC 2.0 helps you get settled in before classes start. Residents will move in, both commuters and residents check-in, pick up great freebees – t-shirt, bag, and planner. You will meet your first year seminar class and instructors (the First Class); learn more about important issues related to being at NJIT.
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Part two of orientation; two -day program
Programs & Services
FYC Service Day
Opportunity to go with your first year seminar and participate in a community service project together, bond with your follow students, and do something good for the community.
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First Year Seminar
Required 10-session course that helps student adjust to NJIT during their first semester.

Topics include academic success, campus life issues, and familiarizing with students with campus resources.

Many seminar classes are part of the Community Connections learning community program.
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Community Connections
Learning Communities Program
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Receive comprehensive support throughout the first year to help fortify success. Students are grouped into cohorts and take linked courses together. The have the help of two peer mentors who provide academic tutoring and guidance.
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