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Rapunzel Comparison

No description

Seung Hyeon Bang

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Rapunzel Comparison

Rapunzel Comparison
Rapunzel is a German Fairy Tale assembled by the Brothers Grimm, and published in 1812.
Its original author is unknown, but the wide spread popularity lead to recreation of a Disney Movie named 'Tangled'.
Brothers Grimm's version of Rapunzel contains rather disturbing amount of gore and blood for young minds to see.

The movie 'Tangled', on the other hand, romanticized the whole tale by adding beautiful aspects to it such as romance between a princess and a thief.

There are many more differences to be found between them.
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm)
Introduction of a whole story.
10302, 10305, 10306, 10307
Rapunzel Overall
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm) vs Tangled #1

Brothers Grimm:
A normal couple who wanted a child of their own.
The woman wanted a
from witch's garden while she laid sick in bed.

King and Queen with their adorable child.
The Queen wanted a
magical flower
to heal her illness while she laid sick in bed.

Both the woman and the Queen got sick while they were pregnant with their daughter.
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm) vs Tangled #2
Brothers Grimm:
Rapunzel's singing attracted the prince into the tower.
The Prince manages to persuade Rapunzel into marrying him in their first encounter.
The thief
accidentally finds the tower while running from a group of army.
Rapunzel ties the thief up and threaten him to take her outside the tower.
Both the tale and the movie have a love story between Rapunzel and other male character.
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm) vs Tangled #3
Brothers Grimm:
The prince imitated the enchantress and climbed Rapunzel's hair to get up the tower.
Rapunzel and the prince tried to make a ladder by collecting silk every time they met.
The thief used bare strength and arrows to support himself while climbing up the tower.
Rapunzel and the thief escaped right from the tower in their first encounter, to see the floating lantern.
Rapunzel from both the fairytale and the movie had a desire to move out from her isolated tower.
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm) vs Tangled #4
Brothers Grimm:
Rapunzel had a normal hair.
The witch cut off Rapunzel's hair when she found out her plan to escape from the tower.

Rapunzel had a magical hair with the power to heal.
Her hair was cut off by the thief when they were caught by the witch.
Rapunzel from both the tale and the movie have extremely long hair.
Rapunzel(Brothers Grimm) vs Tangled #5
Brothers Grimm:
Rapunzel gives birth to two twins.
The prince loses his sight and wanders around, finding Rapunzel in a dessert later on.
The male characters both get wounded by the witch but Rapunzel heals them all.
Rapunzel and the thief don't engage in sexual relationship.
The thief gets wounded by the witch, but Rapunzel heals it with her tears right after.
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