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Literature Response Journals

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David Bonezzi

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Literature Response Journals

The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller

"The most authentic way for students to express the meaning they constructed from a book is to write about it."
Four objectives:

To increase the volume of writing our students produce
Improve overall comprehension abilities
Provide a meaningful way for students to record and discuss their ideas on the deeper meaning of texts
Build community

Read... Then Write!
Read a book aloud and have students write about it! Simple enough but...

The underlying instructional decisions during this journey were crucial to the successful implementation of this literacy task when working with the challenging demographic present in our rooms.
Modeling: I do it too!
We did this for an entire week. The first day of introducing the journals we shared responses that we wrote about The Book Whisperer!

The rest of the week we read aloud a picture book and modeled how to respond to the book by sharing what we wrote about the book in our response journals.

Now You Try It!
Then it was time for the students to independently respond to a read aloud.

We had three ideas for reaching this goal…

Mo Willems…
We Love Those Books!
First we tapped into the shared interests of our students: Elephant & Piggie and Pigeon series.

We displayed our adoration of these books to our students early on in the school year and they absolutely LOVE them!

Strengthened the sense of community around this literacy ritual.

Third, the idea was to utilize the power of audience.

They love sharing- even the most reluctant writers want to share.

Sharing was used to highlight and discuss exemplar responses, and as a means for directing students’ attention to a particular way in which to respond to a text.

Occasionally we read the responses, and write something to the student in their journals. They love it!
Reading Response Journals

Read…. Then Write!
Lindsay Jedlicka
David Bonezzi
Charleston County School District
2nd Grade

The Book Whisperer
Simple Text + Big Meaning = Success
Second, we wanted to start with books written in simple text that can be quickly read, easily comprehended, and yet provide a very meaningful experience to write about.

Mo Willems' titles were crucial for this as well.

Hey what did you write?
I Will Surprise My Friend
Henry's Freedom Box
Watch the magic happen!
Watch the magic happen!
Memminger Elementary
Personalized Learning
International Baccalaureate
Cambourne's Conditions for Learning
Setting the Stage
Next Steps
Putting it All Together
From day one we start each morning with a read aloud. We use "think alouds" to model comprehension skills readers use in a natural context.
*Immersion, demonstration, practice
We take the think aloud process to paper!
"When I heard the part about... It made me want to say..."
*Demonstration, approximation, practice, feedback & support
Read, write, share!
*Approximations, practice, feedback, support & celebrations
*Demonstration, expectations
The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
Watch the magic happen!
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