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Earth Science

No description

Alex Jenkins

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Earth Science

Some of the major minerals mined in Mexico are: gypsum and fluorite. The top mined rock is granite.
An interesting fact about fluorite is Pure fluorite is colorless. When fluorite is colored it is because of various impurities. it comes in a variety of colors, some of them quite deep and beautiful. It can even be black or colorless---and its purple variety has been mistaken for amethyst. With so much variation in color, it can be difficult to identify fluorite. Fluorite costs approx. $380 per ton.

An interesting fact about gypsum is Some of the largest gypsum crystals ever found were in Mexico and weighed 55 tons. Gypsum that is 55% pure costs $9 per ton. Gypsum crystals are known for their flexibility, and slim crystals can be slightly bent. Many Gypsum crystals are found perfectly intact without distortions or parts broken off. Such crystals are found in a clay beds as floater crystals, where they fully form without being attached to a matrix.

Earth science Project
By:Alex Jenkins,Max Hohenwarter
and logan smith

Top 2 minerals mined in Djibouti
is halite and gypsum.
The top 2 minerals mined in Germany is
Potash and lignite
The most common minerals in China are mercury and aluminum
The most common rock in Germany is sandstone
The most common rock is coal
The top rock in Djibouti is limestone!
The top 2 minerals mined in Russia are chromium and nickle.
I bet you did not know that the very surface you set your food on, on a daily basis is actually radioactive. Granite is a complex material that contains radioactive elements, such as uranium, thorium, and potassium. The price for Starlite Black Granite is $155 per ton. A use for is tableware.
limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite and aggregate-price Lime stone is mostly used for sculpting $440 per ton.
Halite is commonly known as rock salt-price per ton $298.8
When you put down fertilizer on your grass you are actually putting gypsum on your grass.price $9 per ton.
Potash was found in 1808 and is used in fertilizer
sand stone used used for sculpting and fountain building!
There are 18
isotopes of nickle.
lignite is used for power,almost as much as coal!
stainless steel is hard and
resists corrosion due to
the addition of chromium.
The planet mercury is only 1% made of mercury.
Mercury is officially classed as a mineral species for historical reasons, and also because it is distinctive in its chemical and physical properties. However, because it occurs as a liquid, it does not satisfy the normal criteria to be a valid mineral. It crystallizes at -40 degrees celsius, at which point is forms rhombohedral crystals. It is usually found as small isolated drops associated with cinnabar, but it can also be found as large liquid masses in rock cavities.
Aluminum is used a lot in building because of its strength and lightweight. Aluminum is quite light
does NOT draw a magnet
does NOT throw sparks when ground with an angle grinder.
It doesn’t rust.
China is the biggest producer of coal in the world!
Its the official state rock of utah.

Mercury-$200,000 per ton
Aluminum-$1,740 per ton
coal-$71.25 per ton
Potash-$393 per metric ton
Sandstone-$425 per ton
lignite-$12 per ton
steel-$654 per ton
nickle-$20,645 per ton
The top rock is coal.
$71.25 per ton
Why it flourishes
Potash- Because it is used in fertilizer and people, especially Americans, love to kill the environment and have nice pretty green grass while everything else around it dies.

Sandstone- It flourishes because there are lots of sediments in Germany and all rocks can be eroded.

Why it flourishes
granite flourishes because of the wide range of volcanoes that are spread out across the world.
Why it flourishes
Coal-I wonder why...
Just Kidding, Its because heat and pressure was applied to dead plants for so long.
Why it flourishes
Coal- It flourishes because heat and pressure underneath the ground. were applied to dead plants.
Why does limestone flourish?
It flourishes in Djibouti because there is a lot of sediment in that area that is compacted together to make limestone.
It is easy to identify chroum because it is shiny with round edges
lignite-brownish black,66% moisture content, carbon content 25%-30%,ash content 6%-19%

Potash-copper color, vitreous luster,perfect cleavage, white specs

This mineral is has a vitreous luster and a silver color
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